psycherotica to be restored…

i’m gonna cum okay?

You Don’t Need Semen, with Cheryl

You’re Safe, with Cheryl

No Book of Blue

Orgasm in Layers

Ruby Slipper. Photo by Eric Francis / Book of Blue

Mommy Says

Zoom 8 – Music

Psycherotic Warm Wet feat. Liz

Zoom 11 – Music

Dodson Orgasm Project – my complete audio survey response to the Betty Dodson questionnaire, submitted February 2021.

My responses to Dodson Orgasm Project, with bass guitar

Iris and Mirror

Who Are You (leave on repeat)

Receive The Unknown

Receive Thee Unknown


The Pathwork

The Great Moan / Eja

All photos by Eric Francis / Book of Blue LLC.
All audio by In Silico.