Tantra Studio :: Self-centered Sexuality

Digital workspace, Blue Studio – New York

Originally published May 19, 2022. Updated March 7, 2024.

Tonight’s Planet Waves FM is exclusively Tantra Studio. This is the third of four planned editions focusing on self-sexuality and selflove. I’ll be narrating a series of photos taken as part of my Book of Blue project. I met Betty Dodson in 1995. Her example of exploring self and sexuality through art made an impression on me, and soon after I began a series of photo projects. A morph of documentary and erotic art, as well as a diary and essay series, Book of Blue became my vehicle for an evolutionary journey. On one level or another, nearly everyone in my life was involved. On the program, I’ll be sharing nine photos and telling some of the backstory and ideas informing the work.

White mirror. Photo by Eric Francis – Book of Blue, New York.


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