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Dear Friend and Listener:

In this re-run edition of The Miracle Hour, I examine the question of sexuality in A Course in Miracles.


“Pacha Mama” by Sarah Grubb.

I speak directly to material in the Course pertaining to the body, to relationships, and to how everyone brings all the meaning to what they perceive.

On one hand the Course seems to embrace Christian dualism, and on the other to advocate relationships that go beyond “specialness” or exclusivity.

I also offer some of my own experiences. What results is an exciting, fresh philosophical narrative. This edition is the first to make reference to what is called the “unrevised manuscript” of the Course.

Additionally, I discuss the message of Beltane and the Pagan movement, which tends toward a healthy understanding of sex.

As usual, this 59-minute broadcast, created for the Pacifica Radio Network, is accompanied by music from Vision Quest. You may listen to past episodes here.