We live in the age of the identity crisis run wild. In today's special edition of Planet Waves TV, Eric Francis checks into the charts of England voting to leave the European Union. Strange but true: On the day that the modern United Kingdom was formed (Jan. 1, 1801) , a planet was discovered, named Ceres, and it factors prominently into the reading. We'll be back with a regular edition of Planet Waves TV on Sunday. In the video, I mention an article — Uranus, Eris and the Riddle of the Internet. Here's a direct link.

In today’s edition of Planet Waves TV, Eric Francis looks at the whole story of Mars retrograde, back to Jan. 3, 2016 when the process started. Then he reviews all the major themes of this event: where sex meets religion, how to figure out what you want, and most of all, the power of curiosity. If you’re looking for a link to the 2016 spring reading that covers Mars retrograde for each sign, here is a link.

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