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Eric has completed all 12 signs of The Sacred Space of Self, the 2018 Spring Reading on Chiron’s transition into Aries, and Mars retrograde. Order today or choose your individual signs. Check out our sample videos here.

Hey Leo — Mars retrograde in your opposite sign and a powerful eclipse season were just the start of another extraordinary year. Order your 2018-19 birthday reading for essential guidance to reaping the benefits of this potent energy. You can also get your reading alongside The Art of Becoming for Leo here.

Today’s edition of The Miracle Hour covers the theme of mind and spirit. Haven’t you ever sat around wondering what the difference is, and pondering whether it was your mind or your spirit that was trying to figure it out? This edition looks at the “clarification of terms” located at the back of the Manual for Teachers, and explores this interesting theme. Miracle Hour is distributed weekly to the Pacifica Radio Network and is a project of Planet Waves FM.

Here is the interview with Kenneth Wapnik that I linked to last week — it’s so good that I felt compelled to share it again. Note that even Wapnik does not endorse uncritical acceptance of the text.