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Dear Friend and Listener:

Miracle Hour is a brand new program being hosted each Monday here on Planet Waves FM. It’s a weekly program based on A Course in Miracles.


You might be familiar with the Course — a channeled work that came through starting in 1965, and which was published in 1976.

Since then it’s gone through many printings, been translated into numerous languages, and been the mainstay of writers such as Marianne Williamson and Hugh Prather.

I began working with the Course in March 1986, and have taken it with me on my journey as an investigative reporter, astrologer and seeker. Until now I have not said much about it — though you might say I’m getting the guidance to open up about it and my experiences with it now.

In the first edition above, you’ll hear my overview of what the Course is, and how it came into my life. Because I look at things from many angles, my approach will do just that; considering a religious teaching from a theological standpoint, as well as describing my experiences and those of others who have worked with it.

Thank you for tuning in.

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