Trey Anastasio, Philip Lesh and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead performing at Soldier Field in Chicago this past weekend. Photo by Jay Blakesberg / Invision / AP.

Trey Anastasio, Philip Lesh and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead performing at Soldier Field in Chicago this past weekend. Photo by Jay Blakesberg / Invision / AP.


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Dear Friend and Reader:

The new Planet Waves FM is done — featuring all the activity in Cancer, an introduction to Venus retrograde, and another look at Saturn in Scorpio. There’s lots of excellent music (vintage 1970) and a close look at the current truly exciting sky.

Before I tell you more about that, I want to let you know that I’ve finished and published the Cancer birthday reading today. In an earlier letter, I gave a basic sketch of the reading, which will get you by. But the astrology has burst to life in the recordings I did yesterday and today.

This is bold astrology with real ideas and a sense of potential. I follow up with a rather blazing tarot card reading in the third section, which includes astrology afterthoughts on Mars in Cancer.

It’s perfect if you’re Cancer Sun, Moon or rising — and is a nifty, modestly priced gift that someone will remember for years. I’ll have an audio preview soon, but don’t wait — the price is still set at the pre-order level.

One last thing — I am writing a new horoscope, for Marie Claire magazine. Here is the July monthly horoscope.

OK, finally — in today’s Planet Waves FM, I begin with a story of meeting someone named John Hance at a Grateful Dead concert on July 4, 1986. He was an old-time Deadhead and a taper, and, it turned out, an advanced student of yoga philosophy.

For several years we went to Dead shows and compared notes on A Course in Miracles, the yoga path and other approaches to life. When I think of the Grateful Dead, that’s the kind of journey that comes to mind.

As for the current astrology, it’s more interesting than I thought. Mercury is about to ingress Cancer. Today it’s in what I’ve been calling the Atlantis Degree — 28+ Gemini, which comes up in a good few weird charts. But I think this is an exciting degree of the zodiac, where it’s possible to spot opportunities for positive developments.

I introduce Venus retrograde as well, describing an unusual situation of Venus about to occupy the first degree of Virgo for two weeks. And I recap Saturn in Scorpio.

All in all, lots of great astrology, music, stories to share and good vibes.

Thanks for tuning in.

With love,

PS — I reference last week’s edition of Planet Waves, titled This American Experiment, which is open to all readers, and includes the weekly horoscope.