You Are Not a Biohazard

Guests check into the Tokyo Hilton

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Here are lighter files, split in half, in mono, for those listening in the hills of El Salvador or Tibet. If I can remember what documents I promised, I will add them tomorrow. Oh here is this, on masks, from ScienceDirect.



Dear Friend and Listener:

(This is written in the future tense; the program is ready.) Tonight on the new Planet Waves FM (usually posted by 10 pm EDT), I’ll be introducing the theme of Taurus, talking about Venus, Uranus and Sedna. We still have some Aries territory to cover: Mercury is conjunct Eris today, and Eris can always use a good airing out.

Eric Francis

On the long nonexistent list of things I thought were impossible, I’ll play you the most amazing 17 minutes off of Fox News you’ve never heard.

Then we will hear Anthony Fauci before Congress playing his bait and switch game of the never-ending “pandemic” and the effort to inject 300 million Americans with an experimental drug, and still have them wearing masks.

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Totally Tripping Balls — Aries New Moon

This is what it’s like up in 11-D. I don’t get into that in this article.

Aries New Moon. Mars square Neptune. Venus conjunct Eris.  Wake up: we have a digital problem, not a health problem.

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The new Planet Waves FM starts with the parable of the Evil Demon, who is said to appear two places: one is in a room full of people totally tripping balls, and the other is in a meeting of the teacher’s union negotiating committee.

Eric Francis

How will the two groups respond? From there I go on to read the New Moon chart, including Mars square Neptune, Venus conjunct Eris, and the constellation in Aquarius, which is turning people into cult members.

I also describe my attempt to get real numbers from the Westchester County government — they claim not to know how many people are in the hospital in their county.

I develop my article from Tuesday about the New Moon in radio format (this edition is open access to everyone). Please do what you can to support this project — spread the word, share the program to social media, get involved, and if you can, please make a donation.

Thanks to your support and sponsorship, I am able to show up here each week and be entirely real with you. In our world right now, this is a miracle.

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We Were the 99%. What Happened?

We Are the 99%. Photo by Eric Francis.

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Tonight’s edition, will explore the current astrology, which is a contrast between Aries and Aquarius: the signs of individuality and groups. Both convey interesting inflections on both themes, and I will do my best to make that easy to follow.

I’ll also introduce my new class series.

As the program develops, I’ll be looking at what gets in the way of the reasoning process. What gets in the way of our ability to think? We will hear from Prof. Steve Gimbel, a philosophy professor at Gettysburg College, who teaches on the philosophy of physics among other topics.

Venus, Salacia, Sun. Is the Universe Expanding? A Letter from Brent Tully. Tantra Studio Meets Salacia: An Excellent Discussion of Masturbation in the Context of Sexual Healing and Relationships.

Photo by Eric Francis. Book of Blue – Brussels Studio.

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Tantra Studio begins after the song break at about 2 hours and 20 minutes. 

If you are interested in A Course in Miracles, here is a 13-part radio series on that spiritual approach to life.

Tonight’s astrology-rich edition (three of the sections address the current astrology), I look at the Venus-Sun-Salacia alignment that happened Friday morning. Here is the article I reference, about Salacia, which links to an earlier article.

In the third segment I discuss my new hobby — studying physics, and read a letter from Prof. Brent Tully, who led the team that figured out The Great Attractor. If you are into this subject, you will want to read the a Sagittarius reading from a few years ago called Learning To Fly. This includes a video that explains just what the Great Attractor is, inasmuch as someone can know — but the audio below is better (though not visual). It contains a replay of my interview with Prof. Brent Tully, who led the team that discovered the Lanikea supercluster.

The GA is the galaxy cluster of which the Milky Way is part. This structure has a focal point in mid-Sagittarius.

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