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In tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I cover the Gemini New Moon square Neptune. This is quite an aspect pattern, involving the asteroid Apollo in Virgo. I do the chart of the Isla Vista shooting from Friday night and comment on the toxic combination of advertising images, anti-depressants, hero-worship, guns and alienation.

After a song break by Suzanne Vega, I talk about the desire to go beyond alienation that led to my becoming an astrologer, and read some thoughts of Dane Rudhyar, published in 1936. Finally I give a shout out to Bob Dylan and acknowledge him for the turn of phrase after which Planet Waves is named.

As promised here is the signup for the free Mercury retrograde discussion at 8 pm EDT on the evening of Sunday, June 1. You’ll be able to listen by web, Skype or telephone.

Just a reminder that there is still space in my Introduction to Reading a Natal Chart, scheduled for Saturday morning, May 31. This is a two-hour class that will get you started reading and understanding any natal chart. You will have access to the teleconference and the recording.



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