Astrology Public Radio & Covid19 News

Hosted by Eric Francis Coppolino, new programs update to this website Saturday morning Eastern time and to Planet Waves most Fridays nights at 10 pm Eastern time. We are listener supported and an affiliate of Pacifica Radio, and published by the nonprofit Chiron Return. We also publish Covid19 News, providing information resources and updates several times a day.

Inspired by Father Bill’s Sunday late-night talk program on WPLJ-NY, Planet Waves FM is freeform talk and music internet radio. PWFM has an astrological premise, offering a blend of news analysis and personal growth themes using both contemporary and traditional astrology.

Even deeper is the program’s investigative reporting ethos, focused on analysis of science in many forms. Our guests have included top astronomers, medical doctors, research scientists and investigative reporters.

Each program ends with Tantra Studio, an open and honest discussion of sex, sexuality and relationships.

Planet Waves FM began as Radio Navigator on WDST-NY Radio Woodstock on Sept. 22, 1996. After a long run on WDST, the program has taken a diversity of forms on the internet. The current form began in 2010 as a short podcast done on a portable digital recorder. Eleven. years and several microphones later, we’re here to offer you the best of who we are and what we notice in the world.