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Planet Waves FM originated on Radio Woodstock, WDST-FM. Hosted by Eric Francis Coppolino, new programs update to this website Fridays nights at 10 pm Eastern time. We are listener supported and an affiliate of Pacifica Radio, and published by the nonprofit Chiron Return. We also publish Covid19 News, providing information resources and updates several times a day.

Inspired by Father Bill’s Sunday late-night talk program on WPLJ-NY c. 1978, Planet Waves FM is freeform talk and music radio designed for the overnight audience. PWFM has an astrological premise, offering a blend of news analysis and personal growth themes using both contemporary and traditional astrology.

Even deeper is the program’s investigative reporting ethos, focused on analysis of science in many forms. Our guests have included top astronomers, medical doctors, research scientists and investigative reporters.

Some programs end with Tantra Studio, an open and honest discussion of sex, sexuality and relationships. Many of Eric’s teachings on these topics originate through his longtime relationship with sex educator Betty Dodson, author of the bestselling Sex For One. Others programs with Journey Without Distance, an occasional series which discusses A Course in Miracles, a spiritual psychology program published in 1976.

Planet Waves FM began as Radio Navigator on WDST-NY Radio Woodstock on Sept. 22, 1996. After a long run on WDST, the program has taken a diversity of forms. The current incarnation began in 2010 as a short podcast done on a portable digital recorder. Fourteen years, several microphones and a few websites later, we’re here to offer you the best of who we are and what we notice in the world. Planet Waves FM is currently at around episode 800 give or take a dozen.

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  1. Hello Eric, I’m a fan. Stay the course! I thought you might find the recent attached article interesting. It has to do with FOIA requests, written by Aaron Siri, the lawyer for ICAN…aka Del Bigtree’s operation :). As you are no doubt aware, Del and Co. are aligned with RFK Jr. and if I remember correctly, in an interview you had with Bobby Kennedy recently he tried to skirt the powerfulness of FOIA’s, i.e., Christine Massey’s et al) with some typical legalese bullshit wordsmithing! But I must admit the volume on my side was very low and his voice muddled, so I couldn’t get the full import. I wonder what Kennedy would say now, that his cronies are using the very same strategy of FOIA’s regularly, especially given the fact, they have been recognized for it!! :)…and so it goes…
    All the best,
    PS…Bigtree aired this segment on one of his Highwire shows…now taking all the credit for using the FOIA tool :))

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