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PWFM for May 24, 2020: How Not to Believe Lies & Your Relationship To Yourself

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Attempted social distancing or virus barrier at the Kingston Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 23.

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In tonight’s program — the longest ever — I look into the psychology of why people resist considering ideas about environmental issues. I talk about getting out of the desperate, conflicted and authority-driven paradigm of health and wellness, and into a more autonomous model of self-care. In the second segment beginning at about one hour and four minutes, I explore the astrology of our moment, featuring Gemini galore, Vesta, Venus retrograde and Mercury. In the third segment beginning at about one hour and 49 minutes, there’s a conversation with the artist PeaceHawk about the theories of Marshall McLuhan. Then in the fourth segment beginning at about three hours and 10 minutes, a deeply intimate Vesta Studio continuing the discussion of cultivating a sexual relationship with oneself, including some of my peak experiences on the Book of Blue journey. Here is the link to the Book of Blue compilation. Those wanting access to the full project may write to me at The special edition of Tantra Studio focusing on Venus Retrograde is about seven or eight shows down — the April 7 edition. If I forgot to add a resource that I promised, please write to me. NOTE: The cold opener is from The Simpsons, Season 22, Episode 6.

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PWFM for May 17: Introducing Zach Bush, the Virome, and Sex in the Age of Covid

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Lips mask by Cheryl Corson; guitars and bass guitars by Jim LeClair.

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In this week’s program, I offer the work of Dr. Zach Bush, interviewed by Del Bigtree on the program The HighWire. Here’s a transcript and the original video, with links back to the presenters. You may read my review of the interview here. I’m sure I’ve promised some other resources; if you hear me mention one that’s not listed here, please drop me a note at The last musical piece, at the very end, is “Solar Eclipse House Concert part 7,” by Vision Quest, from the summer of 2017.

Dangerous Ideas

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Dangerous ideas on Planet Waves FM

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Here is this week’s program. I was not intending this at all, but I may have created the first cohesive explanation of the Covid situation. This, with the help of two researchers who have not been sleeping much: Planet Waves Chief of Investigations Cindy Ragusa, and Sherryl Haverhals, with me on lead vocals. You tell me. The program is three hours (ending with Venus retrograde in Gemini), without Tantra Studio, which I will add as a standalone soon. I also have in the can an interview with Dana Ullman, the owner of Homeopathic Educational Services, continuing my intro to homeopathy. But not tonight. Tonight, I crack the code of coronavirus, tying together the many “blind men and the elephant” approaches we have been seeing. Here is a comment on Dr. Judy Mikovits.