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Jerry Garcia Birthday Edition

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Birdsong by Robbi Cohn, Planet Waves subscriber since the dawn of time.

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Welcome to the first five-hour Planet Waves FM. Tonight’s edition combines my regular program with the Deadhead Hour with the Music Appreciation Hour, and features Daniel Marc Sternstein — one of my collaborators on the Vision Quest project and a little or a lot of everything else.

Here are the time dividers: Fucking through a wall rant begins at the top of the program, leading into a discussion of the PCR test being used to prop up the phony case count. Read more about that in this article by Celia Farber.

Astrology begins at: 58 minutes

Intro to Beda Stadler interview begins at: 1:40

Beda Stadler interview begins at: 2:24

Conversation with Daniel Marc Sternstein begins at: 3:33

The outro is actually Eyes of the World >> Saint Stephen >> Sugarmagnolia/Sunshine Daydream. No Estimated Prophet this time!

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Conversation with Dr. Angelo Castello

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Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

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This week’s edition of Planet Waves FM is a conversation with Dr. Angelo Castello, someone I’ve known 25 years and with whom I’ve had an ongoing discussion of holistic health. We talk about “terrain theory” as the thing that makes the difference — that is, the condition of the person rather than the alleged power of the pathogen. This is an exciting, unusual discussion between two people well-versed in holistic health issues, and who understand one another’s points of view.

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How To Think For Yourself

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Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

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Tonight’s program is called “How to Think For Yourself.” I begin with a discussion of thinking for yourself in the face of fear and deception. In the second segment (beginning at 1:05), I cover the Cancer New Moon. I do not cover the Leo ingress; that will have to wait for Monday’s edition. Then is the Andrew McLuhan interview (beginning at 1:48) and Vesta Studio on involuntary celibacy (beginning at 2:48).

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Where We are Headed

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Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

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In this weekend’s program, I consider the astrology where “this all” is headed — the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, about which I probably did not say enough. This is the final resolve of all we’ve experienced in 2020, yet the outcome is not certain. Like many things right now, much hangs in the balance. And that balance is the willingness to be aware.

The mid part of the program is a conversation with Spencer Stevens, who has been coediting Covid19 News with me the past couple of months, and doing an excellent job. You will hear some shop talk about what it’s like to be tracking this issue day to day, confronted with an onslaught of lies, chaos and confusion.

For Vesta Studio, I take another look at the astrology — including Venus in Gemini — and consider the matter of sexual ambivalence: of not knowing which way you might lean. In politicized sexuality, everyone is perfectly confident and marches with their faction. In actual sexuality, there is the possibility for doubt, a good use for curiosity, and the potential to explore yourself and others; your feelings, and those of others.

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