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Friday, Jan. 22| The new Aquarius pattern…

Snapshot of the new Aquarius pattern

Friday, Jan. 22| The new Aquarius pattern; Controversy over ICAN claim that CDC removed autism denial — developing story; interview w/ leader of Free Press; Tantra Studio

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We are still sorting out the ICAN / CDC autism issue though there may be merit to the statement. I’ll update you on next week’s program.

Here are some resources:

Statement about “misinformation and disinformation by Free Press

ICAN autism update

Christopher Korst on cell line contamination – MUST READ

Steve Bustin on problems reproducing experiments done with the PCR — focusing on errors introduced during the the Reverse Transcriptase phase of rt-PCR

Friday, Jan. 15 | The United States Pluto Return

Nancy Pelosi walks from the House chambers to her office back in December — with the Capitol locked down — surrounded by five plainclothes officers of the Capitol Police. Photo by Stefani Reynolds. She is not a person who is ignorant of security protocols.

Friday, Jan. 15 | The United States Pluto Return

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Tonight’s Planet Waves FM looks at the inauguration and the Pluto Return of the United States. More notes and resources in the morning. It looks like we will be doing the live edition of Planet Waves TV on our YouTube channel, which has a shortcut — just enter PlanetWaves.TV and that redirects to our area in the Borg.

Here is the edition of Planet Waves FM featuring the conversation with Steve Bergstein about COINTELPRO. Here is a short history of the project; I do not know the authors though the account is detailed and comprehensive.

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