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Mars Direct, Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Whitney Webb Interview. More tribute to Betty Dodson.

Jupiter conjunct Pluto, except that Pluto (if you could see it at all on this scale) is much closer to the size of that little tiny dot between them, which is one of Jupiter’s natural satellites.

November 13 | Mars direct. Interview with Whitney Webb. More tribute to Betty Dodson

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Tonight’s program — the last before the holiday — includes a discussion of Mars direct and Jupiter conjunct Pluto, what I learned about Covid this week, an interview with Whitney Webb (conducted by Joe Mercola) and a discussion with Cheryl Corson, who attended Betty Dodson’s last workshop.

The discussion with Whitney Webb begins at 1:47 after the break.
The discussion with Cheryl Corson begins at 3:10 after the break.

This is a long file. I will split it up in the morning, and add some additional resources.

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Now Playing on Planet Waves FM | Tribute to my tantric teacher, Dr. Betty Dodson, author of Sex for One

NY Times obit for Betty Dodson, my tantric teacher and longtime friend. Photo by Neal McDonough.

November 7 | Homage to Betty Dodson

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In tonight’s edition, after I talk about other things, starting at 1:20, I do the rest of the program about Betty Dodson, her life, her teachings and her natal chart. Best natal chart reading ever!

Our Betty Dodson Archive

Betty’s natal chart and progressions from 2017.

In Saturday night’s edition of Planet Waves FM, I’ll offer the first of what will probably be a few tributes to Dr. Betty Dodson, my teacher and mentor, and fellow sex educator. I also have a three-hour interview with Betty recorded in 2018 that I will post once I’ve had a chance to listen to it. It was probably her last official interview, recorded two years ago this month.


This is a Test: What we learned from the War of the Worlds radio broadcast, plus the Taurus Full Moon and election astrology

New York Times front page the morning after Orson Welles’ production of War of the Worlds, on CBS radio.

October 30 | This is a Test: War of the Worlds, plus Taurus Full Moon & Election

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Tonight’s edition looks at the War of the Worlds broadcast by Orson Welles, which happened Oct. 30, 1938. I also cover the Full Moon, plus election astrology, and play in interview of Claus Kohnlein by Dr. Sam Bailey. Here is the article by Jon Rappoport documenting the CDC admitting that it has no measurable samples of SARS-CoV-2, i.e., it it is not proven to exist. Rappoport first documented in March that CDC and FDA admitted that the PCR device being used to generate the “case” count does not actually test for the presence of virus, of infection, if disease, or of infectiousness. Note: Orson Welles in fact met H.G. Wells, in 1940. The link takes you to a recording.

Here are the time markers: Astrology from the top of the show.

@35 minutes, I begin discussing The War of the Worlds

@1:45 I do the Covid summary for the week

@2:25 I play the interview

@3:15 I do a sign-off.

Summoning Courage in the Face of Fear

Late night radio at Planet Waves.

Summoning Courage in the Face of Fear

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In tonight’s edition, I cover the astrology between now and Dec. 21. I give the early history of the Covid situation, particularly involving China, the announcement of a novel virus, and the creation of the programming codes for the PCR computer that is being used as a “test.”

Then I present part of the interview of an attorney named Reiner Fullmich, who is admitted to practice in California and Germany. It was posting a video of Dr. Fullmich to Facebook that got me banned for 24 hours. So I am offering his ideas to you so that you may decide what the fuss was about. (The video is below.)

In the last segment of the program, I’ll take the issue to the personal level: how this is influencing our relationships, and the formation of new relationships.

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