August Monthly 2022 Planet Waves Horoscopes by Eric Francis

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Aries (March 20-April 19) — Through the early part of the month, a diversity of experiences will ensure that you discover, or rediscover, your true priorities. This will ideally be a daily exercise where you enact decisions as you determine what is necessary, and establish what aligns with your personal truth.

The rub is that within a few weeks, once Mars enters Gemini, you could forget what you’ve learned, or decide that you’re confused, or somehow be of two minds. You may forget the thing that had urged you to come terms with yourself.

One thing I can tell you is that your fundamental values don’t change so much. You may adhere to them, or violate them, but underneath, you know how you feel and you know what is true for you. It will be wise of you to note carefully what actually matters, and make all of your decisions on that basis.

Your values are what get you through both the turbulent times, and the good times. Your values are the measure against which you determine what is true for you. There may be one crucial matter where you have decided that you’ve had enough of one particular way of life, or a rule that has bound you.

It’s likely this has been irritating you for some years, potentially as far back as 2018 and you may finally decide that it’s time for a new approach. Yet this is not a light matter, and you may not feel at the outset like your feet are firmly set on your path. Tread your way with gentleness and quiet determination, and allow yourself at least one year before you consider changing your mind.

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Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Mars is making its way through your birth sign or rising sign, slowly but surely. This may be having a way of turning you inside out; and of bringing to the front of your awareness a diversity of feelings, needs and desires that in the past you might have preferred not to address. Yet the time has come.

Your usual tendency is to work out the feelings of Mars by directing them inwardly, or against yourself. Resolving this is central to what you’re learning now. And when expressing your feelings, you’re learning how to do this in a creative and constructive way, rather than in a toxic or aggressive way. The essential difference is that one feels good, by which I mean wholesome, healing and liberating — and the other will lead you to feel bitter, tired and guilty. So it will be easy to tell the difference. There is a special assignment for Taurus in this lifetime, which is learning how to live in accord with yourself. Of all the signs, yours is the one for whom it’s most important to stay in contact with the feelings of your body and the messages coming in from your sensory awareness.

The alternative is being on a nearly 24/7 head trip of internal monologues that is the most important sign you’re not lodged in physical reality. Practice having the kinds of feelings that do not translate into words or ideas. Practice putting the mental process on pause, and getting good at doing so as a voluntary act. As you do this, consider acting on basic physical desires (food, sex, going outside, etc.) without all the usual moral deliberation. That too is pure head trip.

From that place, it will be easy to do the right thing, which is usually self-evident and does not involve a long debate.

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Gemini (May 20-June 21) — In the few weeks before Mars reaches your sign on Aug. 20, you will learn and experience things about yourself that will be easy to forget, though which you must remember. The primary message is what it means to have an inner existence; a true inner life. This is not the usual TV show of your thoughts going by, but rather a dependable presence within yourself. This is nothing more or less than embracing the situation that your soul finds itself within — incarnated in physical reality. It is easy to jump out; it’s easy to distract yourself.

When you strive to experience the sensation of being wholly centered in your physical existence, the feeling can be like putting on a shoe that is too tight. However, you’re in the shoes that you’re in, and being half-awake or half-dead is no way to experience life. So I suggest you accept the discomfort, pain and insecurity of physicality, and work with it. Mars moving though Taurus, your solar 12th house, can stir up your anxiety. And this needs expression in physical form. The route of ‘escape’ is not out of physicality, but into it.

When Mars enters your sign and stays there for the next seven months, you are going to need internal points of reference, rather than depending on all the external prompts and controls.

Most of all, you will need to find a vent for your anger, the same anger that everyone else experiences. But under the direct and personal influence of Mars, you’re going to be feeling it more. And as a result, you will be subject to more of the same manipulation that is so often imposed on the disoriented. You are the only one who can find your way. True North is your physical existence.

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Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Practice your social skills and spend as much time outside your dwelling as you can. Take every opportunity to socialize, particularly in small groups where a real conversation is possible. As the month develops, you may be drawn back into yourself, and seek an unusual degree of privacy and seclusion. That may serve you in some ways, though not in all. Remember how important the companionship of others is, and do what you can for that to stay front and center of your life.

You are someone who is capable of a deep inner life, and that is something you want to cultivate. Yet ‘inner’ has no meaning without ‘outer’, and both are necessary. This is especially true in the areas of your life associated with your mission, with business and with cash flow. You can make up plenty of lost ground and lost time in the coming months, though that requires your involvement in community life. Make a point of focusing on both the social and the monetary value of whatever you offer. You have the power to sustain yourself doing something that is good for everyone, and now is the time to root that solidly in the world, and in your daily routines.

As for the inner side of your nature — the next six or seven months will be a time of making peace with yourself. That means a process of reconciling the different facets of your inner nature. The easiest way to do this will be working with your fears and self-judgments. You have the assignment of sorting out what is true and what is not. When a question seems to be of a spiritual sort, audit the facts involved. Everything must be subjected to the same standard for truth. Recognize opinions for what they are, and then investigate.

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Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Thursday’s vibrant, magnificent New Moon in your sign has a special quality: it is conjunct the minor planet (20000) Varuna. Discovered in 2000, it was one of the very earliest of the named planets outside the orbit of Neptune. It was an important harbinger for the century that was new at the time of its discovery.  First, a few thoughts on this topic and then — the rest of your chart.

Varuna is a pre-Vedic creation god. Above all else, the message is to be fair, to honor your contracts and commitments, and to be a witness to the fundamental equality of all beings. This is a tall order for struggling humanity, though your advantage is that Varuna has been in your sign for a few years. Equality does not imply sameness, but rather an understanding that beneath all the shifting and changing roles we play in life, we are made of the same essence. And the divinity of that essence means that everyone is entitled to be treated fairly. It is you who must uphold this standard, for yourself and in any transactions to which you are a party or close witness.

It’s essential that you do not enter into contracts where you’re not wholly certain of your ability, intent and willingness to fulfill your part. Study them carefully. Insist that any unreasonable conditions be removed — or do not sign. You are responsible for the promises you make, particularly any that involve groups or some expression of ‘the public’.

You must know that this is a crucial time in your spiritual development. Jupiter and Chiron both in your fellow fire-sign Aries are encouraging you to see everything from the perspective of connection to God and the greater cosmos. This includes all that you do, and everything that you are. Of all the signs, Leo is the one that understands that the connection to divinity and to truth is accessed from within. It is a deeply personal process. Any relationship that you have with guides, teachers, gurus or way-showers is calling forth your duty to ask questions, to seek clarification and most of all, to find your own way to any destination you have determined is truly your own.

Here is the first 8 minutes or so of the 2022-2023 Astrology Studio for Leo.

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Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — The next six months of Mars in your fellow mutable sign Gemini are a delicate time in your professional growth process. I would say ‘career’, but it’s a lot deeper than that. Mars is about to enter your 10th solar house, Gemini. This may come with a surge of ambition and the desire to be known for what you do. You may also decide that it’s worth ruffling a few feathers to get where you need to be. However, this recalls the old aphorism about why you want to be nice to people on the way up.

You cannot afford any rebellious actions right now. That does not mean “comply,” but it does mean conduct yourself in a way that builds allegiances and not enmity. You can stand out, though to do so as a rebel is dangerous. Proceed in a way that keeps people together rather than splitting them apart. Treat authority figures with respect without believing everything you are told — there is a difference.

There will come a time later in the year when you will need to evaluate the claims of those in power or authority. Every single fact ought to be scrutinized and verified.

It’s also essential that you handle any situation that involves negotiation or the fulfillment of an agreement with extreme care. There are obviously certain situations that you have had enough of, and that you want to get out of. This must be attempted first through a process of mutual understanding. Understand your actual obligations under any agreement, and work them out, such that you preserve your own integrity and that of the other party. Consider the conditions at the outset of any agreement to have a better understanding of what it’s really about. All that is asked of you is that you conduct yourself in good faith. Ask to be released from any promise you cannot keep.

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Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You may be entering a phase where you wonder if anyone is trustworthy. That’s a matter worth considering. It will require a high level of discernment, and your willingness to evaluate what people say to you, and what it means. While you’re doing this, hold yourself to the same standard, as your own consistency is required so that you may be a fair judge of what you observe.

In particular, notice whether people’s words line up with their actions. By words, I mean their notions of what is good, right, fair and true. By actions, I mean what they actually do to you and to other people. It’s possible to do this without judgment; evaluation and taking note of your own observations is something different. You understand that there are two or more sides to every story, and that “everyone is human,” though this is a poor excuse for a breach of ethics.

I propose meditating on the matter of whether a person can split their character. Can you be honest in some dealings with people, and dishonest in others? Which is the ‘real’ person? Does the ‘good’ balance out the ‘bad’?

Your perceptions are a matter of your own integrity, and I suggest you set a high standard. Some would say that any standard is unreasonable and that we must accept that people just do what they do. It’s not so simple; and you are in a special role right now, where this issue is coming into focus for you. There are situations where you will be the designated fair witness. And for that, you must accept that there is such a thing as truth, and such a thing as a falsity. This pertains to all, not merely some, matters of human affairs.

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Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Events this month will only take you by surprise if you’re not paying attention. Such means listening to what people say, and deciphering what they mean. It’s currently not popular to do either. More significantly, look at what people actually do, which describes what they want. You know enough right now to make a full evaluation of your personal situation, and to have an informed discussion with partners or loved ones.

One of the challenges you face during this stage of your journey is that you cannot expect everything and everyone to be stable. Was there a time when you could? Perhaps — though you still have a vision for the world where everything more or less stays put. But the world has never been less like this. The influence of technology is a little like the influence of water during a flood. When the water rises, everything gets wet.

It will help if you keep your conversations in-person rather than conveyed over any form of electrical signal. Eye contact, body language and subtle physical cues all enhance communication.

Keep in mind the possibility that someone close to you may be responding to their idea of what you want. So this is one place that any conversation must go: a mutual airing out of what all the parties desire, and what they consider necessary. With that out in the open, it will be easier to see if there is really a meeting or basis for collaborating. You must be honest, even if you think you may hurt someone’s feelings. It’s a lot better to be real up-front than it is to reverse yourself in three months when the stakes are much deeper. What you truly want is unlikely to change much. The variable is whether you can create that for yourself. It will help if you steadily remove everything that does not qualify; everything that interferes.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — Your chart has a bold and positive emphasis on the future, and on your potential, though something seems to be making you nervous. It could be your sense of the way our entire civilization is headed right now; you are a kind of probe, and have a better sense of what’s happening. When Mars reaches your opposite sign Gemini in a few weeks, you will have a better sense of the territory.

You might also be concerned about a health issue. If that is true, while you’re doing whatever you need to do, consider whether you have enough space and bandwidth to express your abundant energy. Are you getting your feelings out of your body? Or are you turning them inward and compounding the effect? There is so much fire in your chart right now, it’s essential that you have a way to vent the heat and the smoke so you don’t burn up.

I suggest you get your body into water, preferably salt water, and discharge some of the static that you may be carrying. Your ruling planet Jupiter’s station retrograde in Aries is pointing toward a kind of psychic retreat, as well as cooling off (as it’s headed back to Pisces). Yet you are being drawn boldly toward the future — and for that to work out, it will help if you have a concept of where you want to be, and what you want to do.

This may not start as a firm concept or image, though I suggest you start by opening up the territory of potential and imagine that the timescape is clearer than it is now. Start with a wide-open field, and imagine that you get to create what you want. Your best friends are silence, empty space (whether light or dark), and your imaginative power to envision what might be — for yourself, and for the world.

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Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Your health begins and ends with your mental health. I know that the body keeps the score, and that yours is an earthy sign, and that the properties of your overall environment are critical. For you personally, however, Thing One is your mental and emotional state. When you’re in conflict with yourself, you tend to feel unwell. When you’re not in conflict with yourself, you tend to feel much better. Mars entering your 6th solar house Gemini (or 6th whole-sign house if you are Cap rising) has many advantages, though the forthcoming retrograde says you’re working out your somewhat complicated relationship to yourself.

Right now, consider that you have Mars and Uranus in Taurus about to form a conjunction. This is in the house associated with art, sex and self-expression — or what a kid would call “fun.” You know, “happiness.” The Mars-Uranus energy is daring you to go somewhere or do something that would surprise you, or shock you out of your current reality. There’s a touch of danger to this aspect, and while I don’t suggest you push your luck too much, you want to work with that quality of daring and high energy.

If you’re making art, then it looks like sculpture using a blowtorch, or welding, or anything where powerful forces are expressed. You need to feel the power. However, you might consider getting someone to take you out on their speed boat, or to a rifle range, or even a very loud concert of some kind. Where Mars is involved, you can pretty much do anything that does not have the risk of falling down. That said, the view from the top of any mountain or high monument will be revealing, though be sure there is solid ground beneath you.

And that, in a few words, is the story of your life. 

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Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — I keep forgetting about the Saturn-Uranus square — the 90-degree meeting of your two ruling planets, classical and modern. This goes back to early 2021, and include peak dates of Feb. 17, June 14, and Dec. 24. It’s challenging astrology, representing some deep tension that you’re working out, aligning your emotional reality with the rest of your existence. Yet there are great rewards if you apply a combination of discipline, integrity and flexibility — all necessities when Pluto arrives in your sign next March.

Though it’s technically over, the Saturn-Uranus square is getting a revival due to Saturn retrograde in your sign, and Mars passing through the territory. You may have the feeling that you want to explode, which would be better than imploding. Squares represent tense internal dynamics that must be expressed. The energy needs to go somewhere. And I suggest you be aware enough not to take it out on yourself.

The fundamental process when a square is taken consciously is to work one side, then the other, then the other, until you integrate the two facets and the aspect becomes a functioning part of your psyche. This square has a hot side, and a cool side. The hot side is emotional; the cool side is mental. Keep the two in a dialog.

Meanwhile, the New Moon in your opposite sign Leo represents an opening of some kind — a door that you have the option to go through, if you want to. It may represent the offer of an agreement or contract. If that is true, make sure that both parties are fully able and willing to fulfill their commitments. That is your signal to proceed.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)  — Do as much as you can using as little of your resources as possible. Said another way, spend what you need to, but focus on efficiency. Use existing structures as much as possible, and focus on your activity: doing what you want and need to do, as you deem appropriate. You have adequate resources, and now the question is what you do with them.

While the digital age has, in a sense, turned nearly everyone into a “public person,” you have an unusual opportunity approaching if you do anything that reaches a community wider than your immediate friends. You can afford to push some limits in terms of what you say and how you say it. And remember that anything you say will be amplified, magnified and transformed — so you might therefore stick to a simple and refined message that is easier to aim than a complicated one.

That said, you’re in an exciting social environment, where the planets are describing you being a little more overtly provocative than your usual laidback Pisces soul encourages. Get out and among people, and don’t take anyone too seriously if they bark, growl or are offended by your purple bonnet. Your sense of humor is your passport: being witty and having your wits about you are closely related. No matter how offended anyone gets, smile and say, “You don’t like my hat?”

The New Moon in Leo suggests this is a highly productive time in your life, where you can accomplish nearly anything you can think of. Make sure that your priorities include some of what you want the very most. In your quest to do the right thing, you could forget; but the First Law of Being a Fish is to honor the pleasure principle.

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