Miracle Hour 13: The Course and Sexuality, Part 2

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This week’s edition of The Miracle Hour revisits the discussion of A Course in Miracles and sexuality. I affirm how my own experience of working with ACIM suggests that, despite its Christian roots and language, its role and tendency is to heal the wounds of patriarchy, dualism and sex-negativity.

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Note from Amy: The editorial mistake referred to by Eric in the broadcast, concerning last week’s episode, was caused by a misunderstanding on my part, and the fact that I tend to get a bee in my bonnet on the thorny issue of religious repression. Sorry about that!

Note from Eric: Amy, I think your bee flew in from the beehive in my bonnet.

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This re-run edition of The Miracle Hour revisits the discussion of A Course in Miracles and sexuality.

Vitruvian Man c. 1492.
We ran out of fractals.

I explain the historical antagonism on the part of religion toward sexuality and the body, with which Western culture is still burdened, and the present reverse-dualism of the growing ideology in which science is the new God, but which is no kinder to the human seeker.

The Course’s emphasis on the non-physical side of our being is designed to help people doing the work to actually become aware of anything at all beyond the body, or even to forget the body for a moment.

This is as a means of making actual contact with the other side of the seeming body-spirit dualism.

Although there is no actual mention of sex in the revised edition of the Course, there is a great deal of positive and forward-thinking material on relationships.

One of my favorite bits of the text is Chapter 16, part IV, “The Illusion and the Reality of Love.” I read the first few paragraphs from this segment.

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