Investigative reporter Prof. Karl Grossman; Stefano Scoglio on mRNA toxicity and vaccine shedding

Me with investigative reporter Karl Grossman in Sag Harbor, NY, October 2022.

Mars square Neptune article on Substack

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I begin with a discussion of Mars retrograde square Neptune, picking up on the theme of last night’s article: the desperate quest for relevance in the digital age.

Those familiar with the nuclear issue — any or all of them, from nuclear power to the Cassini Space Probe — know about the work of Prof. Karl Grossman, my friend, colleague and steadfast advocate. Author of many books and enough investigative news reports to build a paper maché city, Karl has been a steady light on critical environmental issues for two generations.

Here is our prior interview with him on the history of nuclear weapons and nuclear power, from 2012.

On tonight’s program, we cover the 50 years of environmental crisis (and even some resolutions) during which Grossman has been a journalist at the front of the wave. He tells the story of exposing the United States having a “defensive” bioweapons program in 1971 — the first time this fact was publicly acknowledged. (We get into the Plum Island situation in detail.) I’ll include players with my previous interview with Karl from 2012, on Project Paperclip and the history of nuclear power.

The Spike Protein Issue; ‘Vaccine’ Shedding

Stefano Scoglio, a world-class expert in microbiology and Italy’s most prestigious and best-known critic of the ‘covid’ policy, asserts that there is no ‘viral spike protein’ in the shots, and that the problem is not shedding but rather that the components of the injection lodge in the bodies of people who received them.

He addresses the toxicity of synthetic mRMA, and comments on the graphene oxide issue — essentially taking the opposite position as Quinta Columna (which claims that there is no mRNA and only graphene). Scoglio, a wise and eloquent presenter, is interviewed by German journalist Torsten Engelbrecht.

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