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One, you mention that Virgo is about integrating opposite polarities. What comes to mind first is, but isn’t Virgo about separating the wheat from the chaff? I thought, yes, that is a part of the process. First you have to separate things out and make them distinct, allow them their individuality and integrity – only then can you integrate them.

I thought of all the massive changes that embryo has to go through, in a relatively fast time frame – one day, it has only a backbone and a head, the next day it’s sprouting arms and legs. If that embryo was conscious in the way that adults are conscious, it would be freaking out at all the massive changes it has to go through and it would want to resist the changes, probably, and stop the process. It would never reach its full fruition. Virgo, to me, is like the mother holding the developing child through all those relentless transformations. The embryo is not afraid of its own process, because it is either not conscious or is existing in some unfathomable state of trust and grace. Eventually, however, it gets where it needs to be and then emerges.

Maybe that is where we are as a species -freaking out over our seemingly chaotic growth process, and we just need to find a way to trust the womb that is holding us.


Duality is the state of the opposites, and, as you point out, trying to reside permanently in that state, or that perspective really, will drive you nuts eventually. That is because the longer you linger there, the more the opposites seemingly move farther and farther apart and the more thye appear to be extreme and/or extremely different from each other. In truth, however, the opposites are always each other’s match. They are always equal in strength, and it’s only when one is focused upon to the exclusion of the other, or one holds the other in denial, that the distortion of opposition can take root and hold firm.

Some people feel that if you “get out” of duality, you will necessarily also have to get out of relationship altogether, but I disagree. I think that instead, we will simply stop perceiving dualistically, and start to perceive harmonically. Then (as stated above) duality and the former opposites will work together, with no opposition, and duality will become multiplicity. This is going with the flow — the win win scenario where everyone gets served, and served well.


It is quite interesting that you published this right now. I had a dream last night in which I confronted a male who appeared to be my opposite in front of a gathering. I had to be completely transformed and honest in order to save the world. I know that those who looked at me saw someone else. I felt the scales fall off and prepared myself to be an open channel perhaps for the divine. It was frightening and yet intoxicating. I had really found the moment when my chance to drop the pretenses had appeared. My sun sign is 28 Aries which has the sabian symbol for ” a large audience is seen rejoicing in some disillusionment to which it has been subjected”. I don’t have any planets in virgo and have always thought that it was the sign I least understood. Until now.


In fact, most astrology books and articles state that Virgos and Aquarius are no match and have nothing much in common . I always wondered why is it than that my DEAREST friends & MY son Feel so much at ease, comfortable and relaxed together we have THE most interesting INSPIRING conversations , SHARE ideas and visions or don’t need to speak at times and its good . In addition ,- amazingly I have two very unique birthmarks and my was born with the absolute identical birth,marks– same size & shapes and at the exact same spots.


I agree with the issues that currently affect allot of people regarding work and the lack of concern for employees and the lack of concern for the planet. I know that all to well living in Australia. A country that will one day be just a hole in the ground, once all the resources have been dug out. There is the feeling that we are powerless to stop this, the excuse is always around jobs and the economy. There is no great effort in Australia been put into other forms of job creation. I fear Australia is going down the path of the U.S with loss of jobs to overseas markets and a lack of vision by our so called leaders. The only vision been created is the one the corporations desire or the rich.


Nurturing a thought from the initial sparks of the real information superhighway that is the human brain, into an idea whose time has come, does indeed reflect the symbiosis between Virgo and Aquarius. Bringing that thought to the table of collective consciousness requires immense bravery. This bravery is often incredibly hard won, and may have taken a lifetime to cultivate. Ideas can seem radical and new, but they are so often very old souls that have finally completed an arduous trek.The meticulous, and sometimes brutal skill of self-reflection that resides in the sign of Virgo (sometimes making for a very long trek) has such an ally in Aquarius, with its unapologetic demand for change.


  1. Virgo is the final stage of the first half of the journey through the zodiac, the final stage of ‘personal’ development – in this way, surely it represents a point of integration. It is the place where the self reaches a point of evolution where the actual and ideal are painfully clear – illusions about ourselves are impossible. In order to progress, in the face of such painful awareness of our imperfections, we learn humility and our awareness turns to others’ suffering. We see the mess and we are pained by it – and we see the goal and are inspired by it – we see others and are moved by them – we lose our self-involvement in care or service for others. In all this, integration of opposites is integral. (Pisces w/Virgo Asc)

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