Yogacast Episode 2: “Kleshas: 5 Causes for Suffering”

Casing a Yoga Net Out into the World with The Yoga Woman, Debbie Barnett


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Avidhiya:  Spiritual forgetfulness, misperception, false knowledge, innocence of our Divine nature.
“I-Am-Ness,” Ego, Identity. Anything that separates you from others.
Raga: Attraction, cravings, desire, chasing after pleasure.
Dvesha: Aversion, resistance, pushing away.
Apinivesha: Fear in general, but mainly fear of death

Dealing with the Colorings

Awareness and meditation help us overcome these causes for suffering so we can have a clear mind. Learn to witness your thoughts. Become the observer of your mind.  

Label your thoughts, then direct the thoughts. Result is clarity.

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