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Dear Planet Waves FM Listener:

We have just published THE MARS EFFECT, the 2014 annual edition of Planet Waves — our 15th annual edition. Tonight we’re presenting the project to you with all 12 signs and rising signs complete, as well as a compliment of articles by many writers new to Planet Waves.

Olympus Mons, on Mars.
Olympus Mons, on Mars.

Mars, which is the star player in this year’s astrology, has been a fascination of modern humans for a long time. There have been countless science fiction books written about Mars and martians, including some of the most famous — The Martian Chronicles and Stranger in a Strange Land.

Scientists picked up where sci-fi authors left off; there have been, and continue to be, numerous probes sent to Mars, many of which are still roaming around, taking photos and atmosphere samples, digging in the dirt, chopping up rocks and telling us how likely it was that there was once life there. (I am all but certain that there was.)

In the audio above, I introduce this edition, talk about the significance of 2014 as the peak year of what I call the ‘2012 Era’ and guide you through some of my working methods. You don’t need to listen to it, but your experience of reading and listening to your sign readings will be enhanced if you do.

We have embarked upon what promises to be one of the most interesting, intense, challenging and beautiful years of our current era. Many times studying the astrology of the 1960s, I wondered if astrologers made the connection between the remarkable events that were unfolding and the astrology that was behind them.

Astrological literature moved more slowly then; there was not the instant communication of the Internet and there were very few qualified astrologers at work. Today, I can speak to you in close to real time, and day by day publish my observations about how we might experience the aspects in the most productive way. I strive to help you tune into the beauty and uniqueness of our moment. I reach for the spot where the chaos and uncertainty are somewhat tamed, and from there offer information that can help you adapt.

Mars with its atmosphere.
Mars with its atmosphere.

I know how overwhelmed many people are right now; I am sensitive to the emotional pressures, the struggle to stay alert, and most of all, to the magnificent potential that we have available in our moment.

These readings are designed to work for your Sun sign, your rising sign, and if you’re sensitive to the Moon, your Moon sign as well. I love the kind of astrology I do in these sessions — personal and intimate, but open enough to work for everyone. My intent in interpreting the charts is to ease you through any challenges and point out potential sources of energy, opportunities and ideas that can enhance your inner growth.

Every sign page has something to offer everyone, a story to tell, a purpose that I strive to fulfill. In reading the charts, I put words and feelings to what otherwise go unnoticed. The planets and aspects come to life, reveal themselves, tell me stories and give me information to pass along to you.

I work in both audio and written format to reach all of your brain, and to make sure that I’ve done a thorough investigation/integration of the astrology.

For now I will let my work speak for itself. Thank you for your patience with this somewhat late edition; I made sure that I worked meticulously and never once rushed the process of writing or recording the interpretations.

If you’re curious about the history of the Planet Waves annual, you may read this article that tells the story and links to all of the past editions.

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