A Calm Look at Our Edgy Moment

Pages from my personal notebook, with notes for tonight’s program, and the New Moon chart.

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Tonight’s Planet Waves FM takes a placid look at our edgy moment. To everyone’s great relief, I omit the news entirely, and focus on the astrology: Monday’s Aquarius New Moon, the Imbolc cross-quarter (and beginning of the Year of the Pig), and the unusual conditions of Venus and Mars.

To wit, Venus is conjunct Ixion and Pholus, and is square Chiron and Salacia, while Mars is now square Pluto and conjunct Eris. That is a lot of contact between the inner planets and the outer, which describes some unusual opportunities in our current moment.

Later in the program, I consider Chiron in Aries, which resumes (now for the next eight years) in about two weeks, and look out as far as the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius on Dec. 21, 2020. In all, the whole program has a theme of self-actualization (see article below).

In Tantra Studio, I consider the White Path or right-hand path, and place that in the context of minor planet Vesta.

All of tonight’s music is provided by Vision Quest.

Note, I’ll be taking a break from Planet Waves FM for one week, in service of completing the written INTELLIGENCE readings, which are now well under way.

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Thank you for tuning in, and catch you in two weeks. (We will have a replay edition for you next week.)

With love,

PS — I reference something new — The Reading Channel, featuring a 22-hour loop of my astrology readings from 2018. Listen free here, any time.

Chart for the Aquarius New Moon and Lunar New Year, commencing the Year of the Pig.

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