A Few Hours of Peace and Sanity

Ashokan Reservoir, Ulster County, New York. Photo by Eric.

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In tonight’s Planet Waves FM, I have something for you that may be rare to find: a few hours of peace and sanity.

The United States is perched on the brink of madness. The president is being investigated as a Russian spy. He has shut down the federal government, which is grinding to a halt. Air traffic centers are not properly staffed.

iMac selfie a few minutes after finishing tonight’s program.

The National Weather Service, the U.S. Geological Service, the Food and Drug Administration, and every other agency is closing its doors — right down to the federal courts. The president’s Secret Service detail is working without pay because he’s throwing a tantrum. (See an overview of the status of the government here.)

And I’m here tonight with a calm, low-key look at the astrology, mellow music, and a few ideas to consider. I look at the Nessus-Neptune conjunction that I discussed in Thursday’s edition for subscribers; I look at the compound square from Aries to Capricorn, and consider how that might be manifesting. And I look at the Jupiter-Neptune square, which says keep your focus and honor your commitments.

In the last segment, I am back with Tantra Studio, and a discussion on the topic of healing 101: where exactly do you begin? Who do you work with? What do you do with your pain and anger?

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