All Things Taurus, and a Conversation About Masturbation

Elisa in Book of Blue. Photo by Eric Francis.
Elisa in Book of Blue. Photo by Eric Francis.

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I begin tonight’s program with a tour of the new Taurus sky, including the planets spanning from Pisces to Leo. But I focus on what’s happening in Taurus — Mercury conjunct Mars and the Sun conjunct 1992 QB1. Then you’re in for an adventure — a conversation between me and Sarah Taylor on the topic of masturbation. You may know her as our weekend tarot reading columnist each Sunday; she’s also studying sexological bodywork, which you will hear about. And you’ll hear about its emphasis on masturbation. Planet Waves has long advocated self-sexuality as a tool for consciousness-raising, growth, healing and better sex.

My musical guest is The Greatful Dead.

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