An American Musical Tradition Lives On, Mercury in Cancer and the Cancer New Moon

Trey Anastasio, Philip Lesh and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead performing at Soldier Field in Chicago this past weekend. Photo by Jay Blakesberg / Invision / AP.
Trey Anastasio, Philip Lesh and Bob Weir of The Grateful Dead performing at Soldier Field in Chicago this past weekend. Photo by Jay Blakesberg / Invision / AP.


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Dear Friend and Reader:

The new Planet Waves FM is done — featuring all the activity in Cancer, an introduction to Venus retrograde, and another look at Saturn in Scorpio. There’s lots of excellent music (vintage 1970) and a close look at the current truly exciting sky.

Before I tell you more about that, I want to let you know that I’ve finished and published the Cancer birthday reading today. In an earlier letter, I gave a basic sketch of the reading, which will get you by. But the astrology has burst to life in the recordings I did yesterday and today.

This is bold astrology with real ideas and a sense of potential. I follow up with a rather blazing tarot card reading in the third section, which includes astrology afterthoughts on Mars in Cancer.

It’s perfect if you’re Cancer Sun, Moon or rising — and is a nifty, modestly priced gift that someone will remember for years. I’ll have an audio preview soon, but don’t wait — the price is still set at the pre-order level.

One last thing — I am writing a new horoscope, for Marie Claire magazine. Here is the July monthly horoscope.

OK, finally — in today’s Planet Waves FM, I begin with a story of meeting someone named John Hance at a Grateful Dead concert on July 4, 1986. He was an old-time Deadhead and a taper, and, it turned out, an advanced student of yoga philosophy.

For several years we went to Dead shows and compared notes on A Course in Miracles, the yoga path and other approaches to life. When I think of the Grateful Dead, that’s the kind of journey that comes to mind.

As for the current astrology, it’s more interesting than I thought. Mercury is about to ingress Cancer. Today it’s in what I’ve been calling the Atlantis Degree — 28+ Gemini, which comes up in a good few weird charts. But I think this is an exciting degree of the zodiac, where it’s possible to spot opportunities for positive developments.

I introduce Venus retrograde as well, describing an unusual situation of Venus about to occupy the first degree of Virgo for two weeks. And I recap Saturn in Scorpio.

All in all, lots of great astrology, music, stories to share and good vibes.

Thanks for tuning in.

With love,

PS — I reference last week’s edition of Planet Waves, titled This American Experiment, which is open to all readers, and includes the weekly horoscope.


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