And Now it’s Time for Pluto in Aquarius

Photo by Lanvi Nguyen

Apologies for the audio server outage. We are back up and running.

The full program is ready — and usually posts well ahead of its scheduled time of 10 pm ET. Here is the associated article on Substack. I’ll have more resources overnight or tomorrow, but here is the " target="_blank" rel="noopener">Biggus Dickus scene from Life of Brian. Here is Sam Bailey and I on the the Digital Seduction of Covid. And here is my tribute to Lou Reed, called Hey Sugar. Oh, one last — Made in America: Anaretic Pluto, with a special edition of STARCAST.

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Pluto in a Strange Land readings are underway. Check out the introduction video below, which covers all of the astonishing astrology of March 2023. Two Sign or Twelve Sign Bundles are available.

Two Sign or Twelve Sign Bundles are available.

Pluto enters Aquarius, simple chart


Pluto enters Aquarius, full chart.

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