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New program is posted. Happy trails & have a lovely weekend. — efc

On today’s program I take a closer look at the UFO thing we’re being pelted with every day — anyone who scans the news, anyway. It’s difficult to miss. Last week I published links to about 200 recent articles (from just the past five weeks).

I have the charts of the first sighting at Roswell and also the FBI report about the incident, which has a time stamp. I also have the chart of the Ariel School Incident from 1994, which took place in Ruwa, Zimbabwe. I’ll be discussing this press release from the Madison County, Texas Sheriff’s Department.

The UFO section starts at 1 hour and 42 minutes and goes through the end of the program.

Before we get there, I’ll be speaking with Christine Massey about her now 217 FOI responses from governments who admit they do not have a scientific paper showing the existence of SARS-CoV-2 found in a human host. The same governments and agencies who shut the global economy cannot produce a shred of paper proving that the virus exists. I think that most people — particularly “health freedom” types — are missing the significance of this fact.

Christine’s presentation starts at 49 minutes.

Christine and I are both presenters in The End of Covid. We discuss this video series by 95 presenters that launches free on July 11. See my conversation with Alec about the project on Odysee.



Roswell sighting with associated FBI report.
Chart for sighting at Arial school, Zimbabwe 1994.

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