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The Former Georgia Guidestones. Here is video of the explosion.

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Mars in Taurus Essay from July 7

Goddess of the Frozen Waters by Melanie Reinhart

My recent interview with Sam Bailey

What is making people sick? (from Sam Bailey)

Virus Pushers Against Clotshots compiled by Will Huston

Natal chart and current progressions for the Georgia Guidestones
Bombing of the Stones


  1. Hi Eric, William, Cindy,

    Regarding the 7/8/22 program.

    Boards of Canada sounds a LOT like the music from the Canterbury Scene in England of the 1970s, particularly the band Camel, but also like Caravan, Hadflied and the North, National Health. This i think was much more exploratory than Pink Floyd, but (probably because of this) got a fraction of attention and fame.

    Regarding the re-igniting of the Cold War in 1980 (when the Guidestones were created), Jimmy Carter is actually centrally responsible. His national security adviser, Zbig Brzezinski, the first managing director of the Trilateral Commission, who selected the Commission members for David Rockefeller (including Jimmy and VP Mondale, sec of state Vance, “defense” sec Harold Brown, treasury sec Blumenthal), bragged in 1998 in an interview with a French periodical about how he and the admin started the guerrilla war in Afghanistan in Summer 1979, hoping to draw the Soviet army into a trap, and how it worked so well it led to the Soviet Union and its entire bloc collapsing (it really was just one blow, but a pretty important one). And in response to the Soviet intervention in Dec ’79 which this elicited, ramped up the “defense” budget, brought back draft registration, and stated the Carter Doctrine, committing the US to a military defense of the Persian Gulf, creating the Rapid Deployment Force to enable such intervention. This was before the Guidestones were unveiled in April 1980. Brzezinski many years later wrote The Grand Chessboard (1996), the blueprint for 9/11 and the global US militarization which ensued.

    Good stuff breaking down the entire Georgia Guidestones story!!

    Excellent work the last 45 minutes or so regarding January 2020, which you discussed in little bits elsewhere in the program. Excellent to point out how so many are eager to believe they got “COVID” as it makes them feel like they’ve taken part in the “World War Flu” effort. This is true of a bunch of “resistance” people i know, so adamant that “COVID” is real because they got “sick” or someone they know got “sick.” Or eager to use stuff like “the shots don’t stop people from getting “COVID”” because all they can think about is stopping the shots.

    Marking August 20 on my calendar, likewise March 14. Damn, 8 months of turbulence ahead. By the way, stuff DOES happen in August, the Gulf of Tonkin (alleged) incident was August 4, 1964. And August ’66 was hair-raising! (1966 calendar is identical to that of 2022).


  2. Eric,

    You’ve shared that your coverage of sex is met with crickets. I cannot believe that you aren’t met in dialog about this. (I mean, I can, but what a loss.) I’ve often meant to write, or begin to, and am distracted by the needs of a child… So, it’s not so fresh now, but here are some thoughts (at midnight, now that they’re all sleeping!)

    Going back to the piece about Onania that you did in May- this thing that is described so pornographically was a staple activity of my adolescent sleepovers. From about age 14 to 16 or 17, shared masturbation and sexual exploration was the most interesting thing we could find to do. It wasn’t exactly a boarding school, but close enough, especially under the uptight supervision of Lauren’s suspicious mother, who would have lost her mind had she known that I knew what her daughter’s pussy tasted like. We’d watch each other masturbate, practice making out and get each other off. We held mirrors for each other, shared fantasies, compared our bodies and responses.

    We had some vague idea that it would be a titillating thing for men (and we enjoyed the naughty, forbidden aspect – we’d have been thrilled to learn we were living out this centuries old warning!) But we never considered it to be sex- we thought of it more as research and entertainment. Sex to us, then, was still in the future, and would involve a penis. There were a few months of overlap, when I had started sleeping with a boy, which was a far less sophisticated experience than this practice we had been exploring for years already. I was in my 30’s before I really noticed that my first shared sexual experiences were actually at that early age, with girls. I would have been devastated if anyone had known, because of the taboo against interest in sex and pleasure for its own sake, and because I knew people would label us as gay. Now I realize that we covered territory that many adults haven’t dipped into, before I even acknowledged that what we were doing was a legitimate form of sex. I certainly didn’t take it on as an identity (and can’t imagine navigating adolescence under the current label-happy conditions.)

    So now I have a son who is approaching that same age, and younger children who are still wild and naked and so far still unburdened by typical socialization about their bodies.

    You asked about questions. How do we teach the children differently?

    I run into similar issues with content about sex as I do with of material put out for kids about bodies in general, and sickness. Is there nothing geared towards a five year old that isn’t peddling germ theory? Is there anything for a 13 year old about sex that isn’t choked up with subtle shame and discomfort and “woke” gender ideology, and also that isn’t weird to receive from his mom? It’s all shit they’ll have to unlearn. I spend a lot of time saying, “well, a lot of people think that, but…” How to guide the small children (who are inherently sexual) and the teenager (who is already burrowed in shame about it)?

    When it comes to mothering in this society, this is all witch-hunt territory. Rejecting vaccines and allopathic medicine, allowing children to be whole people, trying not to pile inherited shame onto them, being a woman who prioritizes sex who is also a mother- there is danger to this. It provokes suspicion in guardians of the status quo, with ripples of consequences. I have had DCF called on my family because, among other concocted allegations, I was not alarmed that my child and his friend showed interest in each other’s genitals- briefly checking each other out while swimming in a river, supervised at a distance, with neither mother involved at all concerned- and that he knew the correct names for anatomical parts. The DCF agent who investigated said, “why would he know the word vulva? You could call it something else. Some people call it a hoo-haw.” I lost composure at that and said, “I don’t call a foot a steppy and I don’t call an elbow a bendy and I’m not going to teach him that a vulva is a hoo-haw.”

    So. How to approach these things- especially now, when the stakes feel even higher to buffer their humanity.

    Anyway, on another note, your interview with Mike Wallace was pure therapy. I listened to the whole long thing, then sent it to everyone I know who is also marveling at the lies upon lies all the way down, at the state of things two years in, surrounded by zombified adherents of the new religion, wading through this bizarre perversion of reality.

    You’re not falling on deaf ears.

    With love,

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