Astrology of Paul Manafort and Pres. Trump

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In tonight’s edition, I look closely at the charts of Paul Manafort and Donald Trump. Manafort is the former campaign chairman who was recently convicted of eight counts of fraud, then last week turned state’s evidence and pleaded guilty to the lot of what the special counsel had charged him with.

Paul Manafort, Pres. Trump’s former campaign chairman. He reached a plea deal with the special counsel’s office on Thursday, according to news reports. Photo by Andrew Harnik.

I got Manafort’s data through a mutual friend, so we know it’s reliable. I look at both his and Trump’s natal and progressed. Here’s the chart file for Trump and the chart file for Manafort.

Much of the program is about the Venus and Mars retrogrades and what I see them describing.

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PS — As promised, here is my article on Trump and his progressed chart. And here is the article Dark Side of the Aquarius Moon about Syd Barrett.


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