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Eric Francis

Julie Maury speaking at Foley Square on Monday

Why is a New Yorker with cerebral palsy my nomination for the face of the United States Pluto return? And what is that transit? In my view, she is the Paul Revere of the New American Revolution. Her "midnight ride" was aboard an electric wheel chair Monday in Foley Square Park.

Wilhelm Reich and his concept of the Emotional Plague: Interview with Tom Di Ferdinando, president of Rethinking AIDS / Unmasking Covid

Through my work on Covid, I was fortunate to meet a man named Tom DiFerdinando. After years of studying Wilhelm Reich and considering his ideas, I finally met someone who knows far more than I do, and who has thought things through over and over: Tom Di Ferdinando, the president of Rethinking AIDS/Unmasking Covid. This is an interview we did back in February.