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Eric Francis

Interview with the longtime editor of Mothering magazine. The conspiracy theory known as a timeline, part one.

My guest this week is an American treasure, Peggy O’Mara, who was the editor of Mothering magazine from 1980 through 2011. Through her work with Mothering, I consider her the founder of the modern vaccine awareness movement. What she wrote and published at the time seemed more like common sense than a potential source of controversy.

‘Universal mRNA flu vaccine’ planned in October 2019 became Covid shot; Fauci admits influenza needed rebranding as deadlier, sexier and comparable to AIDS and cancer — to sell mRNA vaccines

Stunning C-Span video revealed this week shows a full-on plan to repackage “the flu” into something presenters called more frightening, deadlier and yes, sexier. This panel discussion, preserved on C-Span, describes the method by which a new pandemic will be sold to the public.