What is your commitment to truth, and why? Reiner Fuellmich avows his innocence. #MeToo case closed.

Communion by Lucinda Abra.

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Special Report — ‘Activism’ Bought and Paid For: Dark Money Behind the #MeToo Movement.

These are some essential resources.

Take a Step Back by Eric Francis | January 2018

Here is the statement of Li Wojehowski from December 2019.

Here is Peter Buffet Invests $34 Million in the #metoo Movement, from Yahoo Finance News, June 2018.

For further background, watch this interview of me with Janice Fiamengo and Tom Golden. Here is the full text of the letter briefly quoted on the program.

Here is a resource area that includes all of the documents and paperwork from the 2018 incident.

Additional news reports and documents related to NoVo Foundation are below.

Associated coverage of NoVo Foundation’s presence in Kingston, NY, a small town of 23,000.

Letter to the Kingston Community by Peter Buffet, Aug. 4, 2022

NoVo: New Wave on a Broken Foundation by Sam Shear, Spring 2023

What Happens When Buffet Buys Your Town? By Sean Cooper, July 13, 2021

Can a Billionaire’s Son Save Local Media — and a City? by Will Solomon, American Prospect

Pine St. Family Health Center Groundbreaking, press release of some kind

Coming Soon from Planet Waves


  1. On Fri, Feb 2, 2024 at 7:02 PM Eric F Coppolino, Editor wrote:

    Hey there CR

    I’m planning to do a brief version of the Peter Buffet #metoo story Sunday. Hey it’s the sixth anniversary of TASB! Woo hoo!

    With all five parties being grant recipients, well, that’s a story. I somehow missed The River (part of Chronogram), and only found out fairly recently that The Kingston Wire (Barton and Smith) got a grant…I didn’t put it all together.

    I got Omega+WKNY+Buffet in the original story but…five for five!

    FFS!!! What a fucking joke.

    Back then when I was doing the corporate espionage angle of the investigation, someone had a remote viewing experience where they saw Julie Novak [who started the campaign, leader of a local nonprofit] meeting with a man ahead of starting the whole incident. I think it’s now clear who that man was, though unprovable…I have held open the corporate espionage angle on that basis this whole time.

    Who was Novak’s girlfriend? I can’t remember her name.

    Do you have any considerations or angles I am missing?

    My lead is basically: everyone involved got or was already getting Buffet money — no exceptions. Then I’m going to ask: what was so objectionable? This is the obvious listener question.

    Well how about this: Take a Step Back was in essence an article about women objecting to #metoo tactics. Saying hey that’s not really feminist. TASB covered the waterfront from Atwood to my own readers, who replied in great numbers when surveyed saying that they were concerned about this new thing.

    “What happened to kick him in the balls?”

    I think at this point, it’s case closed. We know who “the man” was. Ahhh I can’t wait to bump into him at an event. He too will “get invited into the program” haha!


    PS I’m meeting with Tom Hoffay, country dem chairman (I’ve known him many years) to see if I can get hat email sent to various people in the dem scene…purportedly by the NoVo insider…that’s got to be good :-))

    On Feb 2, 2024, at 8:07 PM, Cindy Ragusa wrote:

    Interesting stuff. I haven’t been able to integrate it in any sense, and it doesn’t fully make sense to me…i.e. what benefit would he get out of this, unless it’s just all about controlling the entire city/neighborhood, which he seems to be trying to do? I get the general idea, that he was pulling the strings through the people that he has given money to…but someone must have approached him…maybe he picked up on some buzz from Hillary, Novak, etc…

    The partner is Eva Tenuto…I had to look up Novak to find her (it’s hard to think of a name when there’s already one stuck in your head :-)). Looks like Novak is dealing with some sort of cancer, possibly liver from a snippet on her Instagram account.

    ==== My reply ====


    That’s the part that makes sense to me — apart from the question, why were they all so upset about the article? And they were. Utterly enraged.

    Read this one comment in Chronogram (written by a man). This is how it was perceived:

    I found his words on this subject incredibly offensive. He promotes a victim-blaming mentality, as when he condescendingly reminds women that they already have a voice and are just failing to use it. He shows greater concern for the well-being of accused abusers than for their victims, as when he claims that boys are afraid to ask girls out lest they be seen as predators (as if dating is not much more dangerous for women than for men) or when he says that he would “stick to patriarchy” rather than live in a world where men are held accountable for sexual violence.

    Of course I said nothing of the kind. I said that under patriarchy I could face my accuser. Oh, that, hahaha…

    However, the perception of #metoo was purity and goodness…the solution to all that ails us…women’s lives matter! Pure, delicious, all-natural Similac. Topple the patriarchy! Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg said “it’s about time.” So it was seen as real and refreshing, and a Women’s Lib revival giving a vent to all the free-floating rage among those broads. Endorsed by their whipped, cuck, simp boyfriends.

    Now, here’s the thing to know about Buffet. At the time, NoVo was said to be the world’s largest support foundation of women’s rights initiatives (they pull much of that money in the following years — huge controversy there). Hundreds of millions worldwide. On issues like rape and trafficking. And right then, the biggest “women’s movement” in years emerges..allegedly an anti-rape/abuse movement. Page one NYT every day…going strong, a PR moment for the ages…

    And from “day dot” (borrowing a phrase from Doc Malin), I’m calling for equal treatment of men, and then I write TASB right in NoVo’s backyard which calls the ultimate bullshit on their “movement”: the women I interviewed around the world don’t support this concept of “feminism.”

    They had to go after me, and the only way to do it was to #metoo me. And all of Buffet’s minions jumped in, like an army of ants. If you recall, I allegedly laughed at Tendo’s breasts at a street fair. I had consensual sex! I made women uncomfortable (with my articles)! I was friendly to dogs! I wore sunglasses at night! And so on and on — and it was that easy to deplatform me (locally).

    What I could not understand at the time was the vitriolic drive and determination, the stop at nothing urgency, to get me. Well, it was an organized effort, well-funded, with a billionaire at the helm. Who called ______ and personally ordered them to fire me. And _______ (Skip) said in the DHR hearing that I was fired for being misogynist and that their women’s center objected to my presence!

    Now, Buffet funded Omega in the 100K to 1M range at the time. Of course that funded the women’s center (though it’s opaque) — that’s the NoVo brand. Save the Women!


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