Cancer Full Moon, Return to Fukushima and Musical Guests Gary Lucas and (the late) Jeff Buckley

Wednesday's unusual Cancer Full Moon conjunct the Black Moon Lilith is the topic of today's edition, as well as a look at the aftermath of Fukushima and why nobody can say that there is no risk. Our musical guests are Gary Lucas and his late bandmate and collaborator Jeff Buckley. For additional resources please see the full post.
Scene from video of women speaking out about Fukushima.
Scene from video of women speaking out about Fukushima.


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In this edition of Planet Waves FM, I cover the Cancer Full Moon and its conjunction to Black Moon Lilith, plus aspects to Ceres, Eris and Vesta. And I discuss Venus square Mars, a delightfully complex aspect that will happen Wednesday and then once again in early March.

Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas.
Jeff Buckley and Gary Lucas.

The introduction is a sample of audio from this video of women from Fukushima speaking out on government corporate irresponsibility, how they feel about being lied to and left with the radioactive mess, and describing what they see and feel when they experience the aftermath.

Co-host Daniel Sternstein and I consider why nobody can make an honest blanket assurance of safety about the Fukushima disaster, or any toxic release. We discuss my Open Letter to Rob Brezsny, published Friday, which can serve as a universal debunking tool for those who deny the dangers.

I mention an article in the LA Times from Sunday that claims there is radiation present but no danger whatsoever, and explain how that cannot be true. I also mention Vicki Noble’s dream and a related article, Here at the Edge of the World. One interesting thing is that when we began this recording, the Moon was at 28+ Gemini, the degree I cover in that article.

Our musical guest is friend of Planet Waves Mr. Gary Lucas, with the song that also appears as the theme music for THE MARS EFFECT annual readings. We close with Song to No One, a duo between Gary and Jeff Buckley.

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