Capricorn Full Moon Festivities at the RNC

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Dear Friend and Listener:

In tonight’s astrology-rich program, I start with the Republican National Convention now developing in Cleveland. Were it not so serious, it would be funny — well, on second thought, it’s managing to do both at the same time.

Tonight’s musical guest is Wilco, with a song from their forthcoming album and selections from their prior release, Star Wars.

I morph this into coverage of tonight’s Capricorn Full Moon, pretty much the perfect astrology for an off-the-rails, off-the-charts political convention. The Moon and the Sun go void-of-course right after the Full Moon passes, which suggests quite a bit of slipping and sliding for the next 48 hours till the Sun enters Leo early Friday morning.

In the next two segments of the program, I look at a series of medium-range aspects and events: forthcoming Mars conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius; Mars conjunct Saturn square Neptune (the full pattern, coming up in late August); Jupiter ingressing Libra in early September; the Chiron-Pholus square (2016-2019); and a new look at the Uranus-Eris era.

My musical guest is the incomparable Wilco, who surprised their fans today by introducing a new song from their forthcoming album. I play that piece (called “If I Ever Was a Child”) and a few others from their immediately prior CD, Star Wars.

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Thanks for tuning in! Happy Full Moon. The chart is below.

With love,

Chart for today’s Capricorn Full Moon. Click to enlarge.

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