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A Farewell to Virology: Conversation With Mark Bailey. Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus. Mars Rx Square Neptune.

Mark Bailey is a medical doctor, a world-class competitive athlete, and by far the best scientific researcher I have ever met (and I have known a few). He has published a new article called A Farewell to Virology. We have taken excerpts from the article for an easier introduction — and link to the original on Mark's website.

The Equinox New Moon. CHD and RFK Jr. Confront the Virus Problem. Nuclear Axis Astrology and Ukraine.

Tonight's program begins with an homage to the planetary alignments. We'll continue the discussion of the fundamental issue beneath the crisis of the past three years: is there actually something called SARS-CoV-2? Finally, I will reopen my discussion of the Nuclear Axis chart, and consider the situation in Ukraine.