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Another year, another war. Dr. Stefano Scoglio on the nonexistence of graphene. But is it journalism? Ladies & gentlemen, intro to “rapo.”

Planet Waves FM returns tonight. In the first segment, I look at the chart for the attack on Israel, allegedly carried out from Gaza by the militant group Hamas. Toxicologist Stefano Scoglio discusses his new paper disputing the existence of graphene. Jesse Zurawell and I consider what journalism is and is not. And for men, I introduce the topic of "rapo."

Eris and the quest for wholeness. Off-label use of drugs with Rebecca Culshaw. My feminist journey.

Tonight's program is the next-to-last of the season. The theme is the quest for wholeness. We're joined by Colombian astrologer Beatriz Amanda, who describes her perspectives on Eris. I'm also joined by Rebecca Culshaw, who fills us in on the off-label use of drugs. And on Tantra Studio, I'll share a bit about my feminist journey and where I've ended up.