When the Moon passed in front of the Sun

Photo by Eric Francis


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Looks like we are good to go. Here is the transcript of the HIV=AIDS press conference from April 23, 1984. I’m planning to continue this issue next week — including a reading of the extraordinary chart for this event.

Tonight’s program includes discussion of two scientific matters of global proportion: the false announcement by the United States government of an “AIDS virus” on April 23, 1984, and “forever chemicals” or “GenX” chemicals, which the Biden administration promised to remove from drinking water. My guest for the AIDS segment is Rebecca Culshaw Smith, and for the forever chemicals segment, Carol van Strum. I’ll have the segments separated out tonight or in the morning. For now the program plays straight through. Here is the article I read from, Conspiracy of Silence, from 1994. It’s all the same stuff.

Here are the two science history segments on individual players.

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