Covid vax insanity on the rise, Pink Floyd through the ears of Syd Barrett on the anniversary of their 1st album, and Tantra on in silico sex.

Rob Norris, the Undercover Rockstar and Pink Floyd historian. Photo by Eric Francis.


Yesterday was the anniversary of Pink Floyd’s first album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. This was the one record written by Syd Barret, then the Floyd’s front man and artistic inspiration, akin to their Jim Morrison or Mick Jagger. Tonight I’ll have an interview with the Undercover Rockstar on Barrett’s influences, his writing and his music.

Plus, we go deep into what really happened throughout early 2020. As we have discussed many times, there is no scientific evidence of a virus as the disease vector and much evidence to the contrary. So what happened? Finally, in Tantra Studio, will discuss the matter of intimacy and vulnerability in the digital age.

Keep an eye on this Bitchute channel out of Sydney.

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Listen to my hilarious conversation Thursday with the Ulster Performing Arts Center. Note, it cuts off at the end and they would not answer when I called back.

The video we’ve all been waiting for:
Reiner Fuellmich and Wolfgang Wodarg (one of the first out of the gate on the virus problem) interview Dr Bryan Ardis on how early Covid deaths were caused by medication

Watch video here

Listen to audio here:

Editor’s Note: I am watching this, stunned. When someone makes the argument that no virus has been sequenced, identified, isolated, purified or shown to cause disease, the response (if it’s not ‘go to hell’) is: so what did all those people die of? The clue is that nobody died of “covid” at home. They all died in a hospital or care home, under professional medical supervision.

That means one thing: their deaths were more likely caused by the treatment and not the disease. Further evidence for this is how death rates differ between neighboring states and countries, which will not be the case when the illness and death were caused by community spread.

This is the oldest story in the history of virology: blame chemical exposure, drug overdose or malnutrition on a virus. This happens over and over again and is well documented. — efc

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