TUNE IN 2022 by Eric Francis, the Planet Waves Annual Edition

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How are you feeling these days? Are you oriented on your life path, in crisis or drifting? Astrology can help you situate yourself in time, and in the sequence of your life. TUNE IN 2022 is my forthcoming annual set of year-ahead readings. These are the 24th Planet Waves annual edition.

Once you listen to one, you will want to hear them all. Pre-order all 12 readings today for the very best pricing.

Eric Francis

Everyone has been shaken from their local reality by events of the past two years — yet the planets remain on course, and available to guide you on your life’s journey.

The Spiritual Element: Following Your Inner Guidance

In addition to addressing the specific topics of work, relationships and finances, I look at the spiritual element that is so elusive today. What do our lives really mean? What is the way forward? How is it possible to follow your inner guidance in these chaotic times?

A hybrid of wholly relatable audio and video, TUNE IN 2022 is a set of professional astrology presentations that will help you get a sense of where you are, what you want, and where you are going. I use astrology not to get easy answers but rather to ask the right questions. Your readings will stand up to many listens.

To be published by New Year’s Eve 2021, this series of 12 readings serve your Sun, Moon and rising signs. They will be accompanied by videos that show and tell the astrology of the fixed, cardinal and mutable signs, so that you have a clear visual of what is happening.

The Astrology

This reading will consider Jupiter in Pisces, and the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction; Venus retrograde in Capricorn, and the Venus-Pluto conjunctions; the personal impact U.S. Pluto return; events surrounding Saturn in Aquarius; Mars retrograde in Gemini; and of course, my speciality, Chiron.

What’s in the Box

— One hour of audio per sign, good for Sun, Moon or rising.

— Introductory video

— Three videos, focusing on cardinal, fixed and mutable signs

— Hand-drawn for each of the readings

— A resource area with many articles, audios and videos related to 2022 astrology.

— And a live “Ask Me Anything” session in early January

Preorder all 12 readings for $88 through Sunday night, when the price goes up to $99. Final price for all 12 readings will be $133.

Thank you for your business and your trust.



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