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STARCAST Part Two: Close Reading of Jupiter Conjunct Neptune — a special one-hour discussion/astrology class about the chart, read sign by sign, house by house…references to the Thema Mundi, Eris in Aries, Mercury in the discovery degree of Chiron — and many more exciting subtle aspects of the chart, which you may find on the STARCAST tab.

STARCAST Part One: Introduction to Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

Here is my show plan: Beginning with the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction and the search for truth. There are many lines of inquiry, and I intend to relate my experience using journalism as a spiritual path.

I plan to read the confession of Li Wojehowski, the organizer of a “#metoo” movement, who (after all was said and done) admitted that their conduct was merely an occasion (try to) ruin someone’s reputation knowing they did not deserve it. We will hear from Planet Waves research team participant Loreen Costa. Music is by Vision Quest, the in-house Planet Waves ambient ensemble.

Here is the statement of Li Wojehowski. In her admission of culpability, she refers to an article I wrote, called Take a Step Back. Here are additional resources and documents. Here is my most recent writing on the topic, from mid-2019. This is a article directed at Wikipedia editors, which was successful at getting them to clean up my page.

One last document — on March 3, 2020 I founded Covid19 News. I just found this document with the same date — my concept for a digital media literacy program.

Jupiter conjunct Neptune.

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