Conservative Guru Makes His Exit; End of the Anti-Sixties

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Scalia at the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearings on Aug. 6, 1986. Photo by Lana Harris/AP
Antonin Scalia during his Senate confirmation hearings on Aug. 6, 1986. Photo by Lana Harris.

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As the Sun reaches the brink of Pisces, Mercury is now in Aquarius, and Venus is on its way there. In tonight’s edition I examine the astrology of this moment, and continue last week’s exploration of Aquarius as a sign.

Most of the show focuses on Antonin Scalia’s life and legacy, and the potentially crucial consequences of his death on Saturday. I discuss how the arch-conservative and “constitutional originalist” associate justice impacted life in the U.S. during his 30-year tenure on the Supreme Court bench.

My guest tonight is Stephen Bergstein, a civil rights attorney I’ve collaborated with for many years. He appears in the third segment. Musical interludes are three classics by the ever-excellent Bob Dylan, friend of Planet Waves.

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Scalia's natal chart.
Scalia’s natal chart.

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