Conversation with Elisa Novick

Today Elisa Novick returns to Planet Waves FM. The program begins with an overview of the current astrology, including Mercury stationing retrograde, Sun square Saturn and a few other points of interest. [Tech note to listeners: the interview is in stereo! If you can only hear one of us talking, connect your other speaker or figure out how to put your system into mono.]

Elisa Novick
Elisa Novick

Today’s edition is part one of two with Elisa — our whole conversation is about two hours and 15 minutes. In this first segment, we cover the vast topic of learning to listen to your inner spiritual guidance. This is something that nearly everyone seeks and for some reason relatively few people find. Our conversation might make it seem like a more practical matter.

We find out something about how Elisa started off in her spiritual practice and how she got to where she is today (when some of her best friends are what we would call plants!). This is an unusually candid discussion of how much it’s possible to learn, and why you might want to learn it.

As with all things spiritual or which we’re told are spiritual, I suggest you bring your discernment and your curiosity with you. The two work together: if you encounter an idea that you’re questioning, or have a response you’re wondering about, your curiosity and discernment can blend into a light that will allow you to see into places in yourself you haven’t necessarily encountered before.

We last heard from Elisa in our article on Beltane called In Praise of Trees. Don’t miss the really exciting PDF connected to this article. We will be back with part two of the interview next week.

Elisa does private counseling, and she teaches some informative classes. If you can, get to the Hudson Valley for the next Tree Love workshop! You can reach her through her website Thriving Planet. If you’re curious to hear the interview we did back in October, here is the link.

Here is your program in the old player, where you’ll find the full archives and a downloadable zip file.

Enjoy! And please share your thoughts, reflections and any questions you may have. Elisa will be checking this page.

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