Conversations with people who are not experts

Cue cards for mixolydian and locrian modes, showing the genders of I, IV and V chords.

Here is the new program, without much dressing. Below is one from May 2020, just two months into my coverage of covid.


Tonight’s program features conversations with people who are not experts: I speak with guitarist Rob Reich about the covid test, and massage therapist Elizabeth Shepherd about sexual healing.

Dangerous Ideas: Breaking down ‘covid’ into 18 issues; interview with Judith Mikovits. May 20, 2020


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Here is this week’s program. I was not intending this at all, but I may have created the first cohesive explanation of the Covid situation. This, with the help of two researchers who have not been sleeping much: Planet Waves Chief of Investigations Cindy Ragusa, and Sherryl Haverhals, with me on lead vocals. You tell me. The program is three hours (ending with Venus retrograde in Gemini), without Tantra Studio, which I will add as a standalone soon. I also have in the can an interview with Dana Ullman, the owner of Homeopathic Educational Services, continuing my intro to homeopathy. But not tonight. Tonight, I crack the code of coronavirus, tying together the many “blind men and the elephant” approaches we have been seeing. Here is a comment on Dr. Judy Mikovits.

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