Dan and Eric’s Music Hour: The Gear Show

Studio setup for tonight's Music Appreciation Hour.
Studio setup for tonight’s Music Appreciation Hour in the home studio of Planet Waves FM, which required three microphones and monitors, a guitar rig and a keyboard setup. This was for both the theme music and then the conversation with guitar and effects demo.

Are you interested in buying a guitar, or getting one as a gift for a young person in your life? For this edition of the Music Appreciation Hour, we are joined by Kris Ottsberg, Eric’s guitar technician. We go over the basics of how to pick out a guitar (including discussion of electric, acoustic and classical guitars). We go over the basic differences between the Gibson Les Paul-type guitar, the Fender Stratocaster and the Fender Telecaster. We talk about the setup — how the instrument is modified once it’s purchased. Then we go over a few different effects pedals, demonstrating how they sound. This program is a must-hear for anyone getting started on guitar, or who wants to get their kid started on the right track.

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