Now on PWFM :: Christine Massey, Shamanic Letter Writer; Daniel Giamario, Shamanic Astrologer

Christine Massey in the midst of a shamanic letter writing ritual.

Daniel Giamario, author of The Shamanic Astrologer’s Handbook.

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Note, I’ve redone the 4th segment; starts after the song break, at about 2:58.

Here is the interview with Daniel as a stand-alone.

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight to wrap up the year, I have two outstanding guests: Daniel Giamario, astrologer and astrology teacher from the previous world; and Christine Massey, whose letters to government agencies have resulted in hundreds of admissions that the virus does not exist, and that the spike protein does not exist.

Daniel Giamario is author of The Shamanic Astrology Handbook, and The Origins of the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm. You may find those here. Most of our discussion is on Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius. Saturn is heading out; Pluto hs heading in (for the next 20 years). This is real astrology worth knowing about. Here is his website: The Turning of the Ages Mystery School.

Chirstine Massey, known to some as “that lady in Canada” (which is 100% true), has been submitting Freedom of Information Law requests to governments all over the world since 2020, asking them the same basic question: have you got any of this stuff you say is so bad? They all say the same thing: No, we don’t. She catches us up on her efforts in a new interview.


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