Deep Background: It’s Not What You Think

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Dear Friend and Listener:

America loves an outlaw. That might explain why 43 percent of the voting population is supporting a candidate who had admitted to tax evasion and sexual assault. But what explains that? How do we make sense of that in our supposedly informed and enlightened times?

Radiohead, strong enough for our heavy-duty times.

These and other things are up for discussion at 9 pm EDT / 6 pm PDT in a live edition of Planet Waves FM. [See details here.]

In tonight’s recorded edition of Planet Waves FM, I take these questions slowly, looking at the Uranus-Eris cycle and this weekend’s Full Moon aligned with the era-defining conjunction. I explore the impact of all broadcast media and the internet on the self-concept that is allowing this madness to perpetuate.

I go from self-concept to self, and make contact with the idea that who we are inherently is more powerful than any effect any media might create in our minds.

My musical guest is Radiohead, in honor of Libra and of their being the only recording artists I can think of strong enough to sustain the current weight of the world, and its beauty and our transformational moment.

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Thanks for listening and I’ll catch you Friday night for the live edition.

With love,

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