Eclipse Opposite Pluto: You Are Human

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John Coltrane, circa 1958.

Dear Friend and Listener:

Tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM begins with a discussion of Thursday’s eclipse of the Sun in the sign Cancer. The eclipse is opposite Pluto, which to me represents a confrontation with all that makes us human, including the potential to relate from the soul level.

There is some confrontation to this chart, something about the bottom line of existence. Yet there is also described an awakening of awareness that (it would seem) must be acted upon.

Here is the chart for Thursday’s eclipse, set for Kingston. I also cover it, in writing, in an article called The Moon, the Sun and (134340) Pluto. (Click image for full-size version.)

Our musical guest is John Coltrane, and in the second segment, I do a reading of his most interesting chart, which includes the Sun opposite Eris, on the Aries Point [view chart here].

Coltrane, due to his world-class talent, and presumably eternal fame, stands out as one of the great example charts of Eris that I’ve ever seen, and will help us understand this new point. (By the way, on the program, I mention Monday’s edition, which gives a brief history of Eris; and comes with the weekly horoscope.)

Then I introduce the discussion of what’s been happening with me the past three months — a trolling campaign that I’ve been writing about in a series called Wicked Game. I’ve followed that up with The Nature of the Beast and, most recently, Facts and Shadows. In the third segment of the program, I read out loud the text of Facts and Shadows, for a coherent overview of my situation. Thank you to the many readers/listeners who have written in offering your love and support.

In the last segment, lasting about an hour, is a rather lively conversation with Amy Jacobs, a/k/a Hummingbird Star, about all of the above. This is a program of its own; our conversation was rolling, so I let the tape roll, and we’re offering what we have.

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With love,

Planet Waves

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