Extreme Electric Fantasy Edition: Flat Earth with Amandha Vollmer; Rob Fraboni on The Beatles; and Tantra Studio on Ideas about Sex for Young Men

Venus Transit of the Sun, June 8, 2004. This is an image of Venus passing between the Sun and the Earth, visible everywhere from a solar observatory to Avebury Henge in England.


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Amandha Vollmer w/Eric Francis on Flat Earth

Rob Fraboni on Recording an Album in Four Days

About Sex, Not Porn: Suggestions & Ideas for Young Men | Download PDF

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  1. I’m happy I had the experience of doing a long Flat Earth interview. I have a better understanding now. Let start with something that @Amandha brought up: the “flower of life” planetary images. She put them onto the screen without saying what they are.

    Those are due to retrograde motion; they cannot exist without it, because they are the pattern created by the relative orbits of the Earth and (for example) Venus orbiting the Sun at different speeds. Every 18 months, Venus catches up with Earth and we have a retrograde. The result is a five-pointed pattern that drifts through the ages.

    But they could not happen were the Earth not moving in a predictable orbit around the Sun. That’s the entire basis of the observation. It’s not a theory; it’s directly observable and was long before computers. This is the origin of the five-pointed star and its connection to Goddess worship (Venus).

    Every one of those peaks happens when Venus appears to move retrograde because it’s passing between the Earth and the Sun. Without the Earth’s orbit around the Sun to consider, there are no retrogrades (for example, there are no retrogrades in heliocentric astrology or astronomy). It does not matter what anyone thinks or believes; that’s how the mathematical formulas work — retrograde is motion **relative to the Earth’s orbit**.

    As for who would be into this: Look for mostly people with electric, tribal personalities (rather than individualistic, inwardly-focused, scribal personalities).

    This movement has nothing to do with the shape of the Earth.

    That’s merely their rallying cry; it’s about abandoning individualism and disabusing themselves of the need to prove anything, and they can dismiss ALL observational evidence and all acquired knowledge with a few words.

    This is an admission of having been made groundless by digital conditions and saying “here, we have found some new ground, and it’s common ground” (and it’s flat, under a dome).

    I think that the notion of concealed continents and a vast containing continent that surrounds us (Antarctica, the claimed ice wall rather than land mass), is a metaphor for their own “forbidden” and “concealed” inner territory that they think is there but which still exists as a taboo.

    Finally, there is the statement that “we have left consensus reality.” However, to me it sounds like “trading one illusion for another” (in the words of ACIM). Many spiritual traditions hold that the Earth and our experience here is a kind of Bardo, a between-worlds area or Middle Earth. Exploring other ideas and other realities has been the domain of world-walkers forever. Obviously there are other dimensions.

    Why they would choose one that is an ant farm where we are trapped under someone else’s fake glass dome, caught in a world run by evil Freemasons who lie (along with ordinary yachtsmen and amateur astronomers who do nothing but deceive themselves or lie) is curious and it sounds way too paranoid to be pleasant or fun. Flat Earth cannot exist without all those liars, who happen to be your neighbor with a telescope.

    You know there is a problem when they declare themselves the only honest and fully informed people in the entire world who know the truth and cannot tell you why it’s dark at night.
    They are writing themselves into the global drama as self-acclaimed “brave” pioneers of consciousness who are willing to be seen as fools in order to “live at the edge.”

    It sounds to me like they all need to get into much better science fiction. The Riverworld series is much more fun and relevant…there are many others….To Your Scattered Bodies Go by PJ Farmer is short, gripping and there is more after that.

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