Interview with Dr. Stephen Bustin, master of the PCR.

Originally posted Feb. 7, 2021

Here is the Bustin interview as a stand-alone file

Dr Stephen Bustin comments on the PCR.

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Tantra Studio starts at approx 2:53

Tonight’s program focuses on my interview with Dr. Stephen Bustin. The full recording of Monday’s interview from Monday is posted as a stand-alone player below, which is closely timed with the tweets on this thread, by Dr. Kevin McKernan. Note that time stamps may be off by about 20 seconds, as I added a short introduction.

Eric Francis.

There are two additional Twitter threads of relevance to this issue — one by Peter Borger, primary author of the Eurosurillance retraction demand, and one by Bobby Malhotra, the second author of the retraction demand, who is commenting on the reply by Eurosurveillance to the retraction demand.

Here is the full text of the demand to Eurosurveillance to retract the Cormon-Drosten paper, which paper serves as the constitution of the pandemic. Here is the original Corman-Drosten paper that was “peer reviewed” by Eurosurveillance and published in just 27 hours. I call this the constitution of the pandemic: the one scientific paper that asserts that there is a virus, that it is deadly, that there is a test for it — and that was supposed to have been peer reviewed but was not.

Here is the work of Dr Stephen Bustin that got my attention, a 2017 paper called Talking the Talk but not Walking the Walk. Finally, here are some notes by David Rasnick that you might find interesting. Below the player is the video about how to create an in-silico virus by Bobby Malhotra.


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