Forget Astrology — Bob Dylan Won the Nobel Prize

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Dear Friend and Reader:

OK, I don’t forget the astrology, but much of this week’s program is devoted to Bob Dylan, who has won the dubious distinction of the Nobel Prize for Literature. That’s in tonight’s edition of Planet Waves FM [play episode here].

I say dubious because the Nobel family made its wealth in weapons and explosives, and it was only at the end of Alfred Nobel’s life that he tried to redeem himself and will his considerable fortune to a trust that would give out prizes for great achievements. And this year, the committee awarded Bob Dylan the prize for literature.

Hey, we all knew the guy could write. And he influenced every lyricist who ever heard one of his songs, and taught a bunch of other people what you can do when you focus your words and your ideas onto the page.

The name Planet Waves is a Dylan turn of phrase, so it’s fair to say that the name of our organization was written by a Nobel laureate. If you’re curious about his chart when I go over it, you may see it here.

In this edition, I focus the astrology on the conjunction of Mars and Pluto that takes place Wednesday, the day of the third presidential debate. I cover the movement of Pluto through Capricorn, the potential influence of Mars, and also look ahead at both Mars and Pluto aspecting the Uranus-Eris conjunction.

We also take a visit to Standing Rock, with some help from Amy Goodman and Democracy Now. Amy was charged first with criminal trespassing (a stretch, given that the ‘criminal’ part means you intended to commit some other crime while trespassing), but that was dropped and the prosecutor decided that her TV coverage was more along the lines of rioting. The judge threw that out. We have that report, and also a check-in at the scene of the Standing Rock protest in North Dakota.

With love,


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