Full-Day Workshop with Dr. Thomas Cowan and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, at ArkLight in Ghent, NY

Originally published Nov. 20, 2020 | Updated Jan. 18, 2022

Dr. Thomas Cowan, left, and Dr. Andrew Kaufman, right, speaking in upstate New York on Sunday. The two presented a day of biology, virology, and approaches to healing. We were there. Photo by Eric Francis.

Tom and Andy were drafted into Covid education unplanned like the rest of us. They are two of the best presenters on many issues, and offered a full-day virology/biology/germ versus terrain theory class Sunday, upstate New York location, incredible space, far far into farm country in the back hills…rather large crowd and not a mask in sight. Hugs, potluck dinner, singing, questions and answers, discussion of the 9th Amendment and Section 4.4 of the Constitution’s main text. The underlying theme was spiritual: faith in the genius of creation that made the body, spoken of in the language of biology and other empirical science.

Recording below is opening comments by Dr. Thomas Cowan: Germ Theory, Terrain Theory, sickness, wellness and healing.

Recording below is Dr. Andrew Kaufman: Opening Comments, Koch’s and Rivers’ Postulates

Dr. Cowan speaks on the principles of water related to health and healing.

Question and Answer Session with Tom and Andy. Audience voices will be difficult to hear, as there was no amplification.

Spend an hour alongside the Coxing, a spring-fed creek in the Shawangunk Mountains of Ulster County, New York.

Ambient Audience Sounds

And that’s all folks!

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