Gemini Square Dancing, and the Uranus Eris Conjunction

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Dear Friend and Reader:

Saturday the Gemini New Moon takes shape, amidst a rare grand cross aspect. Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and the New Moon plus Venus in Gemini align all around us.

Laurie Anderson in her studio in Manhattan. She has Gemini Sun and rising, and turns 69 next week. Photo by Jennifer S. Altman.

I take these placements one at a time and describe how they relate to one another. I describe the mental quality of this pattern, and what it might provoke — and what options are available.

In the second segment I move on to the Uranus-Eris conjunction, which peaks for the first time on Thursday, June 9, and I make a discovery while on the air: Eris in Aries coincides with the rise of commercial radio in the United States. The “chaos identity” of Eris in Aries runs in parallel with the dominance of a new kind of medium available to the public: the broadcasting of sound.

My musical guest is Laurie Anderson, who turns 69 on June 5. I discovered that she once mentioned to an astrologer that she has Gemini rising, so I read that chart, which is great fun. I play several selections from Mister Heartbreak, her second album, presented symmetrically as two pairs of twin compositions (one pair of which features her twin soul Peter Gabriel).

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