Hello Jupiter: The U.S. Chart and Medicine for the People

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Dear Friend and Listener:

In tonight’s program, I look at the new environment in the days and weeks after Mars has stationed direct. There’s a grand trine in the sky — planets in all of the water signs. How does that feel, and how do you keep your room tidy?

Power folk artist Nahko Bear is today’s musical guest. You can visit his website here and find out his latest tour dates.

I also look at the United States Sibly chart, the most widely-used horoscope for the United States.

There’s a streak of planets across the 8th house in the sign Cancer: Venus, Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and others. This is a huge legacy of some kind, an inheritance. Who is it from, and what are we supposed to do with it?

Finally, I look at the Juno mission to Jupiter, which arrived Monday night to not enough fanfare. A bunch of rocket scientists successfully slowed down their robotic probe (previously traveling at 130,000 mph) and parked it in a safe orbit around Jupiter.

There, it will photograph into the interior of the planet, measure heat and radiation, and perhaps give us a glimpse into the early origins of the solar system.

My musical guest is Nahko and Medicine for the People. If you’re wondering what new music is getting the kids going out on the festival scene, Nahko Bear is a great place to start. You can visit his website here; there’s a new album, called Hoka. I think you’ll like it. Special thanks to Amy Jacobs for selecting today’s music and sending Nahko my way.

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