PWFM for May 24, 2020: How Not to Believe Lies & Your Relationship To Yourself


Attempted social distancing or virus barrier at the Kingston Farmer’s Market on Saturday, May 23.

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In tonight’s program — the longest ever — I look into the psychology of why people resist considering ideas about environmental issues. I talk about getting out of the desperate, conflicted and authority-driven paradigm of health and wellness, and into a more autonomous model of self-care. In the second segment beginning at about one hour and four minutes, I explore the astrology of our moment, featuring Gemini galore, Vesta, Venus retrograde and Mercury. In the third segment beginning at about one hour and 49 minutes, there’s a conversation with the artist PeaceHawk about the theories of Marshall McLuhan. Then in the fourth segment beginning at about three hours and 10 minutes, a deeply intimate Vesta Studio continuing the discussion of cultivating a sexual relationship with oneself, including some of my peak experiences on the Book of Blue journey. Here is the link to the Book of Blue compilation. Those wanting access to the full project may write to me at [email protected]. The special edition of Tantra Studio focusing on Venus Retrograde is about seven or eight shows down — the April 7 edition. If I forgot to add a resource that I promised, please write to me. NOTE: The cold opener is from The ">Simpsons, Season 22, Episode 6.

Here is my understanding of the realtime polymerase chain reaction assay being used to count ‘cases’ of Covid.

Here’s what I’ve got, mostly gleaned through Kary Mullis, the inventor of the test.

First, to be meaningful, the test must find the thing known to be the pathogen, or it’s useless. It searches for a target fragment of DNA (or converted RNA) which is a marker for the supposed pathogen. However, SARS-CoV-2 has not been isolated and shown to be the cause of the disease. We do not know if there is a direct connection between what is being tested for and what is being found, and then attributed as a cause of disease.

They could be searching for anything. To say that someone is a “case” of Covid because they test “positive” for some RNA is like saying someone is a case of cirrhosis because they test for alcohol on a breathalyzer. But that’s an exaggeration because we know that excess alcohol causes cirrhosis. Another way to think of it is like like police radar that says you’re going 60 mph but nobody knows how long an hour is, or how far a mile is. Therefore the concept of a “mile per hour” has no meaning, or it can mean anything.

Second, few “positive” people even get sick, which argues that the stuff being sought out is NOT the pathogenic agent. The concept of a pathogen is that it dependably causes an illness. In biology, the fact that so few people with this stuff in their nose get sick can be used as proof that what they are looking for is not the pathogen. This is not difficult to understand.

As for those who do get sick, we don’t know what is making them sick. It could be some other virus or bacteria or environmental insult that’s not being looked for by the test. Even FDA and CDC documents about the test admit that PCR testing is not definitive: it’s not evidence of disease, of infection or of being infectious.

Other factors must lead to the actual diagnosis.

Third, since Gold Standard (as defined by Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR process, and Nobel winner for his work), we don’t know how much of the substance causes disease, if it does at all. All assays — Western Blot, ELISA or PCR — are judged on a gradient.

Without the Gold Standard, the line between negative and positive must be drawn arbitrarily. Without isolating the substance and proving that it is the pathogenic agent, they have no idea how much causes disease and therefore where to draw the line between negative and positive. So the net effect is the test is a work of fiction in its entirety, beginning with not knowing whether they are even testing for something relevant, and ending with not being an actual indicator of anything.

Now you know that the “case count” on this device is vapid of any meaning or relevance. And if that is irrelevant, so too is the “death count.”

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